René Magritte Lithographs

René Magritte began printmaking at the age of 62, during his most mature years as an artist. All of his original lithographs were completed within the last 8 years of his artistic career. The most inclusive catalogue raisonne of his lithographic work is the Kaplan and Baum The Graphic Work of René Magritte. Within the catalogue, only 20 printed works are listed. All the works were initiated or completed in Magritte’s lifetime. His lithographs share many of the same imagery and themes as his surreal paintings. While every lithograph was conceived by the artist himself, the prints fall into two different categories. In one, the works were drawn by the artist himself. And in the second scenario, the works were drawn by printmakers according to the artist’s original compositions. Oftentimes, Magritte’s original paintings are also reproduced as limited edition lithographs. These editions are usually high in technical quality and also certified by Magritte’s estate.