Newest Fine Art Arrivals

Georges Braque Lithograph, Le coq, 1952
Georges Braque Lithograph
Le coq, 1952
Price on Request ID # w-7669
Joan Miró Etching, Equinoxe, 1967
Joan Miró Etching
Equinoxe, 1967
Price on Request ID # W-7668
Yvaral Acrylic, Structure Transparente K, 1974
Yvaral Acrylic
Structure Transparente K, 1974
Price on Request ID # w-7661
Banksy Screen Print, Applause, 2006
Banksy Screen Print
Applause, 2006
Price on Request ID # w-7643
Tom Wesselmann Screen Print, Still Life, 1988
Tom Wesselmann Screen Print
Still Life, 1988
Price on Request ID # W-5857
Paul Jenkins Painting, Untitled, 1974
Paul Jenkins Painting
Untitled, 1974
Price on Request ID # W-6449
Andy Warhol Screen Print, Mick Jagger, 1975
Andy Warhol Screen Print
Mick Jagger, 1975
Price on Request ID # w-1539
Frank Stella Etching, Green Journal, 1985
Frank Stella Etching
Green Journal, 1985
Price on Request ID # w-6171
Pablo Picasso Artwork, Still Life, 1952
Pablo Picasso Artwork
Still Life, 1952
$24,000 $15,000 ID # w-7617
Victor Vasarely Sculpture, Iboya, NBC 36
Victor Vasarely Sculpture
Iboya, NBC 36
$16,000 $12,000 ID # w-6773
Georges Braque Collotype, Nature Morte, c. 1950
Georges Braque Collotype
Nature Morte, c. 1950
Price on Request ID # W-7556

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