Art New York, May 3-6, 2018

Newest Fine Art Arrivals

Damien Hirst Woodcut, Norcamphor, 2011
Norcamphor, 2011
Damien Hirst Woodcut
Price on Request ID # W-6025
Alex Katz Sculpture, Standing Ada, 1987
Standing Ada, 1987
Alex Katz Sculpture
Price on Request ID # W-6078
Joan Miró Etching, L'Étranglé, 1974
L'Étranglé, 1974
Joan Miró Etching
Price on Request ID # W-6261
Pablo Picasso Glass, Untitled, c. 1957
Untitled, c. 1957
Pablo Picasso Glass
Price on Request ID # W-5966
Mel Bochner Monoprint, Amazing, 2018
Amazing, 2018
Mel Bochner Monoprint
Price on Request ID # W-6256
Henri Matisse Linocut, Teeny, 1938
Teeny, 1938
Henri Matisse Linocut
Price on Request ID # W-6246
Pablo Picasso Ceramic, Taureau (Bull), 1955
Taureau (Bull), 1955
Pablo Picasso Ceramic
Price on Request ID # W-6255
Mel Bochner Painting, Head Honcho, 2017
Head Honcho, 2017
Mel Bochner Painting
Price on Request ID # W-6135
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, May 1985
Untitled, May 1985
Sam Francis Monotype
Price on Request ID # W-6234

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