Newest Fine Art Arrivals

Victor Vasarely Screen Print, Majus II, 1974
Victor Vasarely Screen Print
Majus II, 1974
Price on Request ID # w-7935
Javier Calleja Sculpture, Do Not Touch, 2020
Javier Calleja Sculpture
Do Not Touch, 2020
Price on Request ID # w-7922
Joan Miró Etching, Mambo, c. 1978
Joan Miró Etching
Mambo, c. 1978
Price on Request ID # w-7910
Andy Warhol Screen Print, Mick Jagger, 1975
Andy Warhol Screen Print
Mick Jagger, 1975
Price on Request ID # w-7914
Joan Miró Etching, La Harpie (The Harpy), 1969
Joan Miró Etching
La Harpie (The Harpy), 1969
Price on Request ID # w-7907
Paul Jenkins Watercolor, Phenomena
Paul Jenkins Watercolor
$25,000 ID # w-7893
James Rosenquist Mixed, For Artists, 1975
James Rosenquist Mixed
For Artists, 1975
Price on Request ID # w-7889
Jim Dine Woodcut, Rancho Woodcut Heart, 1982
Jim Dine Woodcut
Rancho Woodcut Heart, 1982
$18,000 $15,000 ID # w-4990
Mr. Brainwash Silkscreen, Balloon Girl, 2021
Mr. Brainwash Silkscreen
Balloon Girl, 2021
$25,000 $16,800 ID # W-7871
Kenny Scharf Silkscreen, Furungle 4, 2021
Kenny Scharf Silkscreen
Furungle 4, 2021
Price on Request ID # w-7823
Kenny Scharf Silkscreen, Furungle 1, 2021
Kenny Scharf Silkscreen
Furungle 1, 2021
Price on Request ID # w-7822

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