Françoise Gilot photo
Françoise Gilot
The first meeting between Françoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso occurred in 1943, when they were dining near on another. Picasso approached with a bowl of cherries. Gilot and her friend invited Picasso to see their show, and he did. During the next three years Picasso and Gilot's relationship grew.
The young Marie-Therese Walter photo
Marie-Thérèse Walter
With an age gap of 28 years between Marie-Thérèse Walter and Pablo Picasso, what life and experience did she have with her lover until her tragic death?
Jacqueline Roque photo
Jacqueline Roque
Explore Jacqueline Roque, a biography about the young woman who guarded Pablo Picasso's privacy and inspired him for the last 20 years of his life.

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