Maeght Éditeur Biography

Maeght Éditeur was a printmaking studio and publishing house established in Paris in 1945 by Aimé and Marguerite Maeght. The studio was initially founded to produce fine art prints and illustrated books, but quickly expanded to include a gallery and exhibition space as well. The Maeghts worked closely with many renowned artists of the 20th century, including Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, and Georges Braque, among others.

One of the key figures in the success of Maeght Éditeur was Charles Sorlier, who joined the studio in the early 1950s. Sorlier was a master printer and lithographer who had trained at the prestigious Atelier Mourlot in Paris. He quickly became an essential member of the Maeght team, overseeing the printing and production of many of the studio's most important editions.

Sorlier worked closely with artists like Miró and Chagall to help them realize their visions in print form. He was known for his technical expertise and his ability to translate the artists' ideas into vibrant and visually striking prints. Sorlier was also an innovator, constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to create prints that pushed the boundaries of the medium.

One of Sorlier's most famous collaborations was with Marc Chagall, with whom he worked on a series of highly sought-after lithographs in the 1960s and 1970s. Chagall was known for his dreamlike, surreal imagery, and Sorlier's technical skill helped bring these visions to life in vibrant, jewel-toned prints. Some of the most iconic prints from this series include "The Tribe of Benjamin," "Moses and the Burning Bush," and "The Song of Songs."

Sorlier's work with Miró was similarly groundbreaking. Together, they produced a series of prints that combined bold, abstract shapes with intricate lines and details. Many of these prints feature Miró's signature use of bright, primary colors, and Sorlier's technical expertise helped bring out the depth and complexity of these colors in the finished prints. Some of the most notable prints from this series include "Constellations," "Miroir d'Alice," and "Miroir du Poete."

Throughout his career, Sorlier worked with many other important artists, including Braque, Calder, and Alberto Giacometti. He was known for his dedication to his craft and his deep understanding of the printmaking process. His contributions to the world of fine art printmaking helped establish Maeght Éditeur as one of the most important printmaking studios of the 20th century.

Maeght Éditeur