Fine Art Under $250,000

Andy Warhol Screen Print, Kimiko, 1981
Andy Warhol Screen Print
Kimiko, 1981
$40,000 $30,000 ID # w-5555
Pablo Picasso Ceramic, Taureau (Bull), 1955
Pablo Picasso Ceramic
Taureau (Bull), 1955
Price on Request ID # W-6255
Joan Miró Etching, Galatea, 1976
Joan Miró Etching
Galatea, 1976
Price on Request ID # w-6756
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1983
Sam Francis Monotype
Untitled, 1983
Price on Request ID # w-6751
Pablo Picasso Aquatint, Homme, 1964
Pablo Picasso Aquatint
Homme, 1964
Price on Request ID # W-6048
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1982
Sam Francis Monotype
Untitled, 1982
Price on Request ID # W-6435
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1977
Sam Francis Monotype
Untitled, 1977
$55,000 $27,500 ID # W-6281
Marc Chagall Lithograph, Carmen, 1966
Marc Chagall Lithograph
Carmen, 1966
Price on Request ID # W-6680
Sam Francis Lithograph, Long Blue, 1964
Sam Francis Lithograph
Long Blue, 1964
$15,000 $7,500 ID # W-6489
Robert Longo Drawing, Untitled, 1983 Triptych
Robert Longo Drawing
Untitled, 1983 Triptych
Price on Request ID # W-6628

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