Pablo Picasso Ceramics Sale

In the months following our Pablo Picasso Ceramic Retrospective in 2019, Masterworks Fine Art is now putting many of these collectible pieces up for a reduced price in order to make owning these unique moments in Pablo Picasso's body of work a reality for many.

It is indisputable that Picasso was able to translate his distinguished style across mediums. Through this distinctive point in Picasso's career, we are provided with proof of how truly limitless the artistic mind was of this modern master. It began very casually on a Sunday in 1946, Pablo was on a holiday in Golfe Juan, in southwest coastal France. He had heard of an exhibition taking place in the neighboring village of Vallauris. This annual exhibition featured many local and foreign artisans and craftsmen looking to display their products, in order to attract the attention of collectors visiting the Riviera. Due to the influx in population from the recent World War II many people including potters found refuge in Vallarius. This caused a merging of local tradition and foreign ideas that Picasso found particularly inspiring. Almost instantaneously Pablo Picasso found himself no longer on holiday and laboriously working away his time in a nearby ceramic studio. From here on and the next few decades, this multi-media master created his profound ceramic portfolio which now survives today as editions of priceless artifacts.

You can view our entire Pablo Picasso Ceramic collection .

Pablo Picasso Ceramic, Picador, 1953 A.R. 200
Pablo Picasso Ceramic
Picador, 1953 A.R. 200
Price on Request ID # W-5883
Pablo Picasso Glass, Untitled, 1954
Pablo Picasso Glass
Untitled, 1954
$35,000 $19,000 ID # W-6162

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