Sam Francis Lithograph Prints and Paintings

Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1977
Sam Francis Monotype
Untitled, 1977
Price on Request ID # W-7436
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1978
Sam Francis Monotype for sale
Untitled, 1978
Price on Request ID # W-7446
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1979
Sam Francis Monotype for sale
Untitled, 1979
Price on Request ID # W-7437
Sam Francis Monotype, Untitled, 1986
Sam Francis Monotype
Untitled, 1986
Price on Request ID # w-7375
Sam Francis Lithograph, People's Jade, 1971
Sam Francis Lithograph
People's Jade, 1971
$17,000 $8,800 ID # W-6329
Sam Francis Screen Print, King Corpse, 1986
Sam Francis Screen Print
King Corpse, 1986
Price on Request ID # W-6330
Sam Francis Lithograph, Untitled, c. 1963
Sam Francis Lithograph
Untitled, c. 1963
Price on Request ID # W-6177
Sam Francis Aquatint, Untitled, 1985
Sam Francis Aquatint
Untitled, 1985
Price on Request ID # w-5180

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