Sam Francis, Untitled, 1981

Artist: Sam Francis (1923 - 1994)
Title:Untitled, 1981
Medium:Unique Original Monotype with oil paint, dry pigment, and ink on handmade paper
Image:30 1/2 in x 25 in (775 cm x 637 cm)
Sheet:30 1/2 in x 25 in (775 cm x 637 cm)
Framed:approx. 41 1/2 in x 36 in (105.4 cm x 91.4 cm)
Edition:This is a unique and original work
Signature:This work is hand signed Sam Francis (San Mateo, 1923- Santa Monica, 1994) in pencil in the lower right.
Condition:This work is in excellent condition.
ID #W-6175

Historical Description

Sam Francis Untitled, 1981 is a beautiful unique print presenting a stunning geometric composition that is both energizing and tranquil. The piece is dominated by a monolithic block of deep red, surrounded by floating and fluttering splashes and sprays of blues, whites and pinks. The upper border of the work is ruled by a glowing yellow stripe; a rich blue line runs between the yellow and red, creating a beautiful horizontal stack of primary colors that sooth and delight the eye. The blue melts into a calming border of turquoise-green brushstrokes that run across the bottom and right sides of the sheet. The edges of the blocks create a sharp contrast between reds and greens, yellows and blues.
Various vertical and horizontal lines line throughout the work; though fundamentally geometric, they remain playful and dynamic, constantly shifting and mixing with the many-hued world around them, never static or boring. Francis's masterful arrangement of form is showcased in the exquisite balance of vast blocks of color and wispy, organic splatters of pigment. The piece is monumental yet weightless; the composition simultaneously rests and floats. There is a meditative, tranquil quality to the work which invites the viewer to stop, look and reflect. This visual power to draw in the viewer into a mystical, abstract world is used marvelously by Sam Francis in this gorgeous original monotype.

Created in 1981, this unique original monotype with oil paint, dry pigment, and ink on handmade paper is hand-signed by Sam Francis (San Mateo, 1923- Santa Monica, 1994) in pencil in the lower right.

Catalogue Raisonné & COA:
Sam Francis Untitled, 1981 is fully documented and referenced in the below catalogue raisonnés and texts (copies will be enclosed as added documentation with the invoices that will accompany the sale of the work).

A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this artwork.

About the Framing:
Framed to museum-grade, conservation standards, Sam Francis Untitled, 1981 is presented in a complementary moulding and finished with silk-wrapped mats and optical grade Plexiglas.

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