Secondary Market Sales

Masterworks Fine Art is constantly in communication with a broad network of auction house specialists, galleries, dealers and collectors to ensure our clients are in an advantageous position to access quality works from the 16th to the 20th century. Leveraging a multitude of connections, we have had great success in tracking down and acquiring specific works for our clients within their targeted budget.

We are able to achieve these successes due to our comprehensive research to determine the location of works and the application of our expert knowledge of the market to negotiate on clients’ behalf. Masterworks Fine Art has access to both online and physical locations and closely follows the secondary market to monitor past, present and upcoming sales. Our broad understanding of and expertise in navigating this secondary market gives us a strong advantage in determining factors such as the condition, provenance and significance of a work within the artists’ oeuvre. This capability positions us a key player in a quickly evolving market and allows us to protect and further the interests of our clients.

Through this expertise and our vast network of professionals and connoisseurs, we are able to confidentially and discreetly buy and sell works on behalf of our clients. Masterworks Fine Art is dedicated to protecting our clients’ identities and pursuing all acquisitions and sales with completely confidentiality. Our promise to our clients is our commitment to operate solely in their interests and provide actionable advice backed by decades of success in the art market.

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