Auction House Services


Masterworks Fine Art has built many long-standing relationships with the world’s top auction houses and specialists to provide the highest standards of service for our clients. We understand the needs of both the buyer and the seller, and have developed a reputation for providing exceptional services to effectively negotiate and navigate complex agreements within the auction house arena. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals works closely with auction house specialists to ensure that sales are conducted efficiently, are precisely accounted for and are quickly closed, all while attaining the best possible results. Masterworks Fine Art reviews market conditions to give our clients a wide spectrum of options to best suit their needs. We then offer guidance as to what we consider the most appropriate course of action, according to our clients’ particular circumstances.

Unlike auction house specialists who represent the interest of their auction house, Masterworks Fine Art works solely for our clients and is dedicated to providing unbiased advice from start to finish. With strict adherence to the highest standards of service, we believe our clients deserve the greatest degree of clarity and transparency in all matters, including our fee structure, as well as the assurance that we are always looking for new ways to optimize clients’ returns. Our track record and our dynamic team make us an ideal choice when looking to consign or buy from auction houses.

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