Art Services

Masterworks Fine Art offers a highly professional service that brings together expertise and connoisseurship to develop, refine and enrich collections of high-quality art. Internationally known for our specialization in 16th-century to 20th-century Masters, we draw upon many years of experience to help our clients realize their personal and financial goals.

We work with new and established collectors to help them focus their interests, and we provide the best quality artworks within a given budget. Continually seeking a personalized and seamless experience for our clients, we facilitate and simplify the acquisition process for them. Established in 1973, our gallery has cultivated a wide network of profitable connections to the world’s most renowned galleries, auction houses, artists, collectors and private dealers that enable us to gain access to the most highly sought-after and desirable works. As a steward of the arts, Masterworks Fine Art adheres to rigorous ethical guidelines and applies a broad knowledge of the art market to determine the value of a work and to ensure that our clients feel confident about transacting.

Based on our long-standing experience as a reputable agent in the arts, we provide market-savvy advice that results in the most advantageous deals possible for clients. Working solely for our clients, we strive to cultivate long-term relationships with them, allowing us to develop a greater understanding of and better serve their interests and long-term goals. We greatly value our clients’ trust and confidence, and we guarantee that every interaction is treated with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and diligence.

Our vast trove of market knowledge is not limited to acquiring and selling work. Our services extend to archiving, conservation, shipping, insurance, sales tax and estate and philanthropic planning. This broad range of offerings has established Masterworks Fine Art as a full-service resource for developing, maintaining, protecting and growing an art collection. In essence, we serve in an advisory capacity in addition to being a negotiating agent for all clients, from beginning to experienced collectors. For clients acquiring art, our services include providing market insight into price, quality, condition, and authenticity, negotiating sales prices, and providing representation at auction. For clients selling works of art, our services include advising on where, when and how to maximize returns, and meeting other client initiatives goals. Our extensive network of contacts allow us to negotiate successful and profitable deals for all our clients.

Art is a unique asset. The process of establishing and growing a fine art collection that promises to be a profitable investment as well as to provide lasting pleasure requires highly specialized knowledge and a vast array of contacts. Masterworks Fine Art has both, acquired over several decades of success in the field. Our clients know that we are committed to helping them reach their short-term and long-term financial goals while also enjoying the inspiring and beautiful works of the world’s most reputable artists.