Yvaral, Horizon Structure Jov, 1976

Artist: Yvaral (1934 - 2002)
Title:Horizon Structure Jov, 1976
Medium:Unique, original acrylic painting on canvas
Image Size:32 ½ in x 32 ½ in (82.6 cm x 82.6 cm)
Sheet Size:32 ½ in x 32 ½ in (82.6 cm x 82.6 cm)
Framed Size:33 in x 33 in (83.8 cm x 83.8 cm)
Signature:Hand signed by Yvaral (Paris, 1934 - Paris, 2001) in black ink on recto at lower center edge.
Condition:This work is in excellent condition, with flawless, saturated colors.
ID #w-3694

Historical Description

In an interview with Abraham Moles, Yvaral says, "In my works, there is a kind of hyperrealism on the microscopic scale, a desire to reveal what can exist at a level imperceptible in the day to day" (Otto Hahn, 65). Yvaral's Horizon Structure Jov creates a sense of heightened reality through exact lines and pure colors that stay within an atomic scale. The prismatic sky illuminates a mirror-image ocean below with pure, sunset tones.

This nearly infinite landscape could just as well represent light refracted in a drop of water, highlighting the multivalence of Yvaral's work. The repeated form of the octagon connects the two halves of the painting and recalls the common matter from which all things derive.

Created in 1976, this unique, original oil painting on canvas is hand-signed by the artist in black ink at the lower center of the composition. The work is annotated on the verso in black ink: "YVARAL | 'HORIZON STRUCTURE JOV' | 1976 | YVARAL," and recorded as artist archive number 1650.

1. Through the collection of the artist
2. Through the Galerie Denise René, Paris

Subject Matter: $16-50k Contemporary