Yvaral Biography

Born into the Op Art movement, Jean Pierre Vasarely Yvaral latched onto the idea of geometry in the artistic process. His works carry a magnificent otherworldly quality while at the same time remaining rooted in basic mathematical principles. Three dimensional forms explode of his canvases, and he brings this energy into his portraits as well.

Yvaral (Jean-Pierre Vasarely) (French, 1934–2002)

Combining the poetry of geometry with figurative art, Yvaral has created a wholly original body of artworks that has received the praise of important critics and museum curators around the world.

Born in France, Yvaral grew up in a complete artistic ambiance.  Working alongside his father, Victor Vasarely, he discovered and explored the beauty of geometry in art.  The inspiration of the French Impressionists and Pointillists is evident in his vibrant paintings.  The artist juxtaposes pure colors next to one another to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional forms.