Victor Vasarely, Tridim - S

Artist: Victor Vasarely (1906 - 1997)
Title:Tridim - S
Medium:Original Wool Tapestry
Image Size:116 in x 59 in (294.6 cm x 149.9 cm)
Signature:Woven signature in black at lower right corner.
Condition:This work is in excellent condition with bold, bright colors.
ID #w-3807

Historical Description

Like his contemporaries Jean Arp and Henri-Georges Adams, Vasarely collaborated with the famous Gobelins tapestry factory outside of Paris, which was founded in 1667 under Louis XIV by his finance minister Colbert under the title Royal Factory of Furnishings to the Crown. Initially directed by artist Charles Le Brun, the factory has had a long history, surviving the French Revolution and working with such artists as Jacques-Louis David. Still a functioning institution to this day, Gobelins has produced many abstract textiles, which came into popularity in the 1950's. Vasarely, known for pioneering Optical art, thrives in this medium. Tridim - S exemplifies his mature handling of abstract forms and his ability to create compelling, geometric art.

Created after the artist's original design, this original wool tapestry bears a signature woven in black at the lower right corner. From the unnumbered edition of 25, this work was published by Edward Kroner Künstlerteppiche.