Victor Vasarely, Kroa A, 1970

Artist: Victor Vasarely (1906 - 1997)
Title:Kroa A, 1970
Medium:Original color aluminum sculpture
Image:19 5/8 in x 19 5/8 in x 19 5/8 in (50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm)
Edition:From the edition published by Éditions Denise René, Paris 1970.
Condition:In good condition with some very minor surface scuffing
ID #w-2053

Historical Description

Created in 1970, this incredibly intricate, large-scale work is perhaps one of Vasarely’s most grand ventures into the three-dimensional realm while staying true to his optical and dazzling œuvre.  It is a sculpture that changes form at all sides, truly dynamic and innovative and completely free from conformity and convention.  He leaves it up to his audience to decide the orientation of the piece, alluding to his play on light, optical effects, and complementary colors.

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