Victor Vasarely, Cube, c. 1970

Artist: Victor Vasarely (1906 - 1997)
Title:Cube, c. 1970
Medium:Original Aluminum Cube with Silkscreen
Image Size:DIMENSIONS: 6 3/4 in x 6 3/4 in x 6 3/4 in (17.1 cm x 17.1 cm x 17.1 cm)
Edition:Published by Denis René
Condition:This work is in good condition for the medium; a few slight surface scratches throughout with two slightly dented corners.
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Historical Description

Reflecting his modern sensibilities and mathematical background, Vasarely's creativity explodes in this magnificent metal cube as black forms assume a 3-dimensional life on this 2-dimensional surface. Combining elements of optics, form, illumination, and reflection, Vasarely creates a visually stunning sculptural cube that instantly engages the viewer. This aluminum cube encourages the viewer to move around the sculpture and is best displayed slightly below eye level, on a surface that allows the viewer to view it from all sides as well as from above. Each side conveys an optic image that relays a sense of three dimensionality and motion, as if the geometric image is either receding or emerging out towards the viewer. These images often relay the impression of slight fluctuating motion, toying with the viewer's visual perception. The shiny aluminum surface captures the light, illuminating the piece while still acting as a reflective service and allowing the viewer to see his/her own reflection behind the optical images on each side of this wonderful work.

Of his sculptural work, Vasarely has stated "I can no longer admit an inner world and another, an outer world, apart. The within and the without communicate by osmosis, or, one might rather say: the spatial-material universe, energetic living, feeling-thinking, forms a whole, indivisible…the languages of the spirit are but the supervibrations of the great physical nature."

Created c. 1970, this original aluminum cube with silkscreen was published by Denis René. It measures 6 3/4 in x 6 3/4 in x 6 3/4 in (17.1 cm x 17.1 cm x 17.1 cm).


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