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Dear team:

Just wanted to let you know that the Picasso is on our walls and is magnificent. It's for me, easily, one of the most beautiful works I've seen.

Thanks and please keep in touch,

C. February 2018

Thank you for your good service – we love the “Green Exile” and look forward to future interactions.

A.M. December 2016


Just received the Picasso from the Vollard Suite!! My expectations were exceeded by the piece. It really looks much better in person and I am truly thankful for you accurate description of the work.

Because of this experience, I will consider your gallery first when I search for any future interests!

Very pleased

W.H. June 2017

Just wanted to let you know that the Picasso lithograph came through perfectly (arrived a day early) and I got it hung this afternoon (had to track down a heavy duty picture hook at the local frame shop). It looks fabulous. Truly wonderful.My wife and I keep staring at it and smiling. Which is how it should be.

Thanks, again. And if you ever see another fabulously colorful, signed Vlaminck print like that one you sold a few months back, we’ll be happy to take it off your hands.


I received the two pieces on Friday. They are hung and look great. Karen and I look forward to purchasing future items from you.

Thanks –


Dear Alex,
They arrived! Everything is so much more beautiful than how it appears on the photographs. Le Nis Vert is especially gorgeous and the Leger looks wonderful – really wonderful. The colours in Still Life with Apples only come alive in the flesh… my father and I just sat and enjoyed the pictures for a couple of hours in absolute delight. Tomorrow I’ll hang them.

My kindest wishes to you and all those at Masterworks Fine Art who were so kind and helpful,

L., Ireland

I picked it up this morning, was able to see the piece and all is well. Kimiko is lovely! Thanks again for keeping on this with me. I’m hoping and confident we will do more business in the future.

Gina, Los Angeles

Dear Robert:

Thank you very much and I received the painting Miró, arrived in perfect condition, was a pleasure dealing with you, greetings.


Fernando, Mexico

The Fernand Leger arrived this morning via FedEx. It is indeed in excellent condition and a pleasure doing business with you, thank you for everything. We look forward to enjoying it.

I.S. May 2017

The prints are fabulous, as are the frames. They look every bit as good in real life as the did on the Web. …By the way, we were were in La Jolla earlier this week and saw a number of nice Chagall lithographs, but none was as nicely framed as yours…My wife and I say, keep up the great work!

Best regards,

J.C.L., Paris

We had not planned it, but found ourselves purchasing the Rembrandt etching of the presentation in the temple as a gift for my mother-in-law. It could not have been a more perfect opportunity. This piece is in the hands of someone who treasures it, and for whom it represents an array of blessings it would take a long time to explain. Thank you.

C + M, Kensington, CA

Just to let you know that the Durer has arrived and I am delighted with it. I’d like to thank you for your excellent shipping arrangements and the accompanying documentation.

I will be in touch about the Rembrandt and other possible purchases.


The works are amazing, it would be a gross understatement to say each has dramatically exceeded my expectations. I bought them for my office, unfortunately and uncharacteristically, my wife pounced on them like a rabid wolverine- so I suspect I will be emailing very soon

John, Montana, USA

Hi Robert

PASTEQUE is magnificent! Picasso at his best— love it so much– also the frame is to die for— really fabulous

Thank you for making this possible.

Patricia, Ohio, USA

This item arrived today, in very good condition. Perfect packing and shipping!Thanks very much and hope to buy from you again. If you would ever sell other works of Kollwitz, please let me know, maybe I can afford to buy other works in the future. Many thanks again,

Kind regards,

E.H., Amsterdam, Holland

I just wanted to let you know that the table arrived safely and it is fantastic! Thank you and your staff for making everything so easy. I hope that we can work together again soon.



Also wanted to thank you for your choice of frames…very nice actually quite beautiful.:)


The Picasso plate arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you and everyone at Masterworks Fine Art for making this transaction so easy and successful. We will come to you for any art purchases we may make in the future.

Carol, Washington, USA

Hello Robert. These two wonderful aquatints were installed Saturday. I am thrilled !! They are simply beautiful and bring a smile to my face whenever I see them! Accolades from family have already been received. I am impressed by your meticulous care and attention to every detail.

Karen, North Carolina, USA

Hi Alex – painting is safe/sound – it is also exquisite – bold colours/bold strokes/beautiful visage – it is one of our best acquisitions in some years – many thanks.

W.C.F., Canada

I love all the pieces. Let me know when you get new Picasso inventory. Always looking for special pieces.



Just to confirm that the Degas arrived yesterday and to say that I am delighted with the picture. I’m also very impressed by the efficiency with which you conduct business and arrange shipping. I will certainly be making further purchases as funds allow. Please keep me on your mailing list.


Tony, U.K.

Thank you I received it. All went well. Hope to do business with you in the future.

Claude, New York, USA

Thank you. The piece is beautiful.

Stephen, Florida, USA

A quick note to express my appreciation for your prompt delivery of the Durer piece. It is incredible, mesmerizing and beautiful. I also very much appreciate the effort you made in putting together all the background info.

Have a wonderful day,

M.G., Spain

My wife was a little jealous when, during a modest local earthquake, I ran right past her and garbed “Pour Bella” by the frame. It still delights me and every evening I stand in front of it for a few moments before retiring.


Dear Alex:
I received the beautiful Chagall.
Thanks for everything. I will keep in touch with your gallery.
My best regards,


It’s here, and absolutely wonderful! We love it!!!! And, we have the perfect place for it!!

Penny, Ohio, USA

Please be informed that I’ve just received the shipments in very good condition – both the 2 items are so beautiful ; I am very happy – in addition the framings are also very nice – thanks also for the certificates – very good deal with you – Please thanks everybody who was in the loop for that.

Philippe, France

We opened and hung the Picasso and Chagall last night. My mind is boggled. To live with art such as this is humbling. Many thanks to you and your wonderful team for making this experience so smooth and pleasurable.

Warm Regards,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I have been away. The Owl Vase arrived and it is beautiful…..many thanks.


Alex & Ashley,
Just a quick note to confirm we received the artwork yesterday. Thank you for the provenance documentation & for packaging it so thoroughly.

The Calder looks vibrant and fantastic. The family enjoy it gracing one of our walls in the living room.

Thank you again and we look forward to keeping abreast of other wonderful artwork opportunities.
Best Regards,

E & M, Australia

The Calder print arrived today. It looks spectacular. We appreciate the sale and prompt service.

Ravi, New York, USA

Everything arrived as promised. Words cannot express my feelings for this piece and your teams safe handling of it.

Thanks again.

Art, Florida, USA

The Dove Subject has arrive and is great. My wife and I will enjoy it for years.


Thank you for the great service you provided to me on this. The framing, matting, look great, as does the litho. I am very happy with everything you did.


Steven C.

The Rembrandt arrived looking as beautiful as described and went immediately up on the wall.
Thanks for the great price. It has made my hollday just a little brighter considering the circumstances.
Again thanks!


I received the prints in perfect condition, thank you so much for all your help.

Timothy, Connecticut, USA

Just to let you know that the plate has arrived safe and sound.

I am so impressed by the black framing – it looks amazing!

Please send my very best regards to the guys. Cheerio

Paul, United Kingdom

The Picasso arrived safe and sound. We are thrilled to have it. Thank you for the great framing job. Your choice was perfect. Thank you once again for your excellent service.

Kind regards,

G.N., Spain

I love the Moore (I actually don’t even want to live without it…). I regret not to have bought the Giacometti. Overall I think you have a wonderful selection of art and in addition this incredible sense how to present the pieces to make them “Stars”. I don’t no any other art dealer, who consistently brings out the best of every single piece you sell..

J.E., M.D.

May Milton has arrived back in Europe in good order and has been hung in the appropriate place.

Thank you and your team very much for all your help. Very much appreciated.

John, United Kingdom

“Song of Songs” arrived, looks great. Thank you.

Leon, Ohio, USA

I love the art works! And your packing, shipping and service, the whole package is very professional! Im glad that i found your website. And I think I will highly possible to buy more art pieces from you in the future.

Lilith, Beijing

Thank you for the great service you provided to me on this. The framing, matting, look great, as does the litho. I am very happy with everything you did.


Steven C

I just wanted to tell you that my wife & I were just stunned by the Rembrandt. The framing was superb.


The Agam and Hopfer arrived a couple of weeks ago in excellent condition – finally had the opportunity to view the pieces. Very pleased with both purchases. Like you said, the colors of the Agam are wonderful. My admin assistant was just as “wowed” by the execution as I, and the Hopfer just stole my heart (like I said “MUST HAVE IT – lol).

Again – thank you and hope this finds you well.
Looking forward to future acquisitions and business dealings..


Thank you so much. We got the pictures and they are lovely!

T & B

The said work arrived this morning and I am very happy with both the picture and the state it was in upon arrival. Thank you for all your help.

Phil G., United Kingdom

Arrived safely. What a beautiful piece. It is literally like he has hand painted it. Even the frame you have put it in is amazing, must be worth a bit on it’s own!

Just have to decide where to put it now ?


Steve, United Kingdom

this short note to inform you that your beautiful piece has been safely delivered this morning. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and understanding. Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future, I send you my very best regards. Yours sincerely Luca.


I thought you might like to see my wife’s reaction on Christmas to the Manet woodcut I purchased for her. I know you have bigger collectors, but you’ll rarely find one this excited. Thanks for making it happen!


Miro Serie III arrived [here] – in a very good condition. It’s really a masterwork – I’m happy that it´s now here and I can look at it. Thank you for the very good service, and have a good time.

Best regards


Hi from Italy!!
Thank you very much for your precious answer , you are a very kind person!
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

A., Italy

I just wanted to let you know that we love our Rembrandt work The Descent From The Cross.

Glenn, Indiana, USA

Hi Rob,

Thank you for helping to make Christmas so memorable. My wife loved the prints and the ceramics. Thank you for insisting on the print of the Flying Dove, as it is indeed beautiful. Thank you also for your honesty regarding Bearded Yan as you were right it is not as strong as the others. The print of Jacqueline and the goat plate are both outstanding.

Every item arrived perfectly and exactl

Paul, California USA

I received the Lautrec and it’s obviously even lovelier vis-a-vis. Thanks a bunch for working with me on it and I hope to send more business your way…


Hope you are well. We had the chance to fly to Miami and finally open the two Calders. They are great, my husband is very happy with them. Please send me the instructions for the wire transfer, so that you can later eliminate the charges done to AMEX.

Thanks a lot !!!!

L.O., Venezuela

… the Miro arrived today and is now safely on the living room wall. Thank you for a wonderful transaction.

Best regards


I received Dürer’s Christ before Caiaphas (The Small Passion) today in perfect order. Thank you for taking great pains in wrapping it so well. The framing is done magnificently well.


Just a quick note to let you know that we received our Calder lithograph. It is wonderful and please tell Robert that we love his choice of frame. The whole piece came together just beautifully.

Jane, Connecticut, USA

The Warhol arrived today and is already right beside me on the wall in my office here at home. It’s even more magnificent than I imagined and I think a very important if often slightly overlooked work. It’s in fantastic condition too, not many of these are still in this condition. In short I’m a very happy customer and will definitely keep an eye on your web site.

Duncan, UK

I just wanted you to know we received the Pasmore yesterday from FedEx and we love it.
Thank you,


Thank you. What are (were) you thinking! Incredible! Much prettier at hand! Are you insane! As much truffle as you would like! And most importantly, Marianna and I are deeply touched. Rob and you are too kind.

J.S., New York

I visit your site almost daily. The works you have on offer far surpass other sites. I just love to look at them.



Thank you so much for making sure that everything pertaining to our transaction moved along so smoothly!
My fiance could not have been happier, he will not stop talking about the Miro ? I have forwarded your info to many of our friends whom were impressed by your business and customer service. Hopefully they will become new and satisfied clients! We look forward to working with you more in the near future.


The work is in my house. It’s really fantastic. I appreciate your seriousness and professionalism. To all my friends will recommend your gallery.

Clemente, Spain

Dear Rodrigo,

Thanks so much for your personal delivery of my new, beautiful artwork. I was very excited, and I could barely sleep last night! I arranged some antique pieces, including an old Tiffany box and some antique books on the mantel, and I love the effect. I am so happy that I can gaze on the Degas while I do mundane tasks in the kitchen. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your personal touch, and I look forward to seeing you and your brother

San Francisco Bay Area art collector

Hello Alex…”pour Bella” continues to enrich my life. Thank you. And I enjoy visiting Masterworks for the pure education of it. Sooner than later I’ll be buying from you again.


Got the lithos on Saturday. They are beautiful. I have filled the holes in the walls for now within affordable limits, but if you come across either a Lichtenstein or DeChirico you think I would like, by all means email or call. Thanks again. PS. My wife told me to tell you that her mother’s maiden name was Adelman. She grew up in Hartford and wonders if you might be any distant relation.

D.G., Canada

Received in perfect condition and looking great. Now my only problem is deciding where to hang it. A pleasure doing business with you.


The Renoir lithograph of Ambroise Vollard, by the way, is wonderful and in pride of place in my study!


I received my Isabelle-Claire-Eugenie today and I am thrilled with the purchase.

Thank you for the lovely frame. The added goodies were a welcomed treat as well.

Darlene, Calgary, Canada

Just wanted to let you know that [the work of art] arrived today and it looks stunning. We are absolutely thrilled with it, thank you.

The framing is superb, and we also appreciated the details – the documentation, pen and memory stick. A lovely touch.

I’ll continue watching your website for other works of interest, and look forward to dealing with you again one day soon.

Simon, AU

Dear Alex… enjoyed your piece on the economy. I’m now formally in the Docent program at [the museum]. Your art terminology section is outstanding… I carry a copy of it with me, and have urged other new docents to visit your web sight for some art education.


Just wanted to tell you that your Braque etching (The Boat) arrived here safely in Maryland yesterday. Thank you– it is a real treasure. Nice packing job, by the way. And thanks again for putting up the lovely website. I’ll be watching (especially the Miro collections ca. 1952 and 1974), and I hope to get back to you someday before too long. Best wishes for a season of lasting peace and a prosperous new year.

R.R., Maryland

Alex and Tara,

JUST ARRIVED!!!! In perfect condition and the Chagall especially is superb. Picasso excellent too…. Thank you so much Alex…….

Hope to make additional acquisitions in the future!!!!!
Warm Regards,


Just a quick note to let you know the Calder has arrived safe and sound. I love it……amazing……it is always a pleasure to deal with you. Thanks so much have a terrific day….


The Renoir made it to Brazil! It is very very nice, I loved it! Thank you so much for your kind attention, you’ve certainly got another satisfied customer.

Bob, Brazil

The painting is now safely hanging on our wall with the nails and hooks you kindly provided. Fedex didnt inform me that the painting had arrived and there were some holes and rips on the packaging, but luckily the soft shell was untouched and the painting itself safe.

Thank you for your kind and excellent service. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Samy, Finland

The magic flute is awesome – it’s definitely an exciting addition to my collection!

B.B. Maryland

The documentation arrived today. It is excellent. Thank you very much.



Dear Alex,
Warhol arrived today. It is fantastic. I am so pleased. Thanks again.


Thank you for everything! I love all that I purchased and trust uou the most of all the Art Brokers I have worked with.

Thank you for the Rodin and the Cezanne.I love them Hopefully I could return the favor someday. And thank you for the certificate as well. I will be checking back almost every day…


Wow – even lovelier than the photos ! And documentation great – and the USB a really nice touch too. Extremely happy. Love it.

Maggi, United Kingdom

The Miro arrived and it is every bit as terrific as you said. Thanks again for making high quality work available!!


Recieved the shipment today and can’t tell you how pleased I am with both pieces! Excellent packing and documentation!! I will certainly keep you in mind for other purchases and will recommend you to friends as well.

Best regards,


Dear Alex,
The prints were delivered by FEDEX this morning. They are really wonderful.I am proud to own them.

With best regards

R. Schaub, Switzerland.

I have received the Renoir this morning. Thank you so much, it is really “magnifique”….

Paris, France

Dear Robert,

You are fantastic. Thanks for the “Guernica”, it is beautiful.


Stefan, Prague