Vincent van Gogh, Jacques Villon Vase with Pink Roses, 1927, after Van Gogh

Artist: Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)
Title:Jacques Villon Vase with Pink Roses, 1927, after Van Gogh
Reference:Ginestet E 651
Medium:Color Etching and Aquatint
Image Size:19 1/2 in x 14 1/4 in (49.5 cm x 36.2 cm)
Sheet Size:30 in x 22 1/2 in (76.2 cm x 57.2 cm)
Framed Size:approx. 37 1/4 in x 33 3/8 in (94.6 cm x 84.8 cm)
Edition:Numbered from the edition of 200 in pencil in the lower left margin. The names of the engraver and publisher appear in the plate along the upper margin of the work: 'Gravé par Jacques Villon 1921' and also noted in the plate in the lower right, 'Van Gogh.'
Signature:This work is hand signed by Jacques Villon (Damville, Eure, 1875 - Puteaux, 1963) in pencil in the lower right margin.
Condition:This work is in wonderful condition with bright colors throughout.
ID #w-4291

Historical Description

Assaulting the senses, Vincent van Gogh Jacques Villon Vase with Pink Roses, 1927, after Van Gogh captures the floral beauty of the bouquet and intimates the presence of a caressing breeze. Villon captures both the subtleties of texture and tonality, delicately replicating van Gogh's poetic composition.

Adapted from Vincent van Gogh's 1890 composition, titled Vase with Pink Rose, Jacques Villon engraved this image in 1927. Bernheim-Jeune of Paris published the work out of the edition of 200. The name and address of the editor appear in the upper left of the plate and the name of the printer in the upper right. Hand signed by Jacques Villon in pencil in the lower right margin, the work is also marked with an ornate blind stamp that appears as overlapping "ADA" or "APA" in the lower left margin.
Painted in May of 1890, this work signifies van Gogh's valiant recovery from an illness he suffered from between February and April of that same year. Upon his recovery, van Gogh, wrote to his brother stating that the beauty of his surroundings was so compelling he had little time to rest. Van Gogh's new found strength and inherent agitation is discreetly sown into this composition. While the viewer enjoys the poetics of the delicate bouquet of roses, delighting in their haphazard arrangement and exuberant rendering, it is difficult to comprehend that this image was painted only two months before the artist's death. Intended for his brother Theo, van Gogh created this work as an object of decoration, however, the symbolic nature of the image cannot be denied. Drawing upon his sensitive romantic nature, van Gogh delicately suggests the lace like forms of the roses. This delicate suggestion stresses the traditional symbolism of flowers as representations of purity and mortality. As we the viewer enjoy their beauty, the rose has already begun to decay, reminding us of our own transience

Catalogue Raisonné & COA:
Vincent van Gogh Jacques Villon Vase with Pink Roses, 1927, after Van Gogh is fully documented and referenced in the below catalogue raisonnés and texts (copies will be enclosed as added documentation with the invoices accompanying the final sale of the work):

1. Ginestet, Colette de and Pouillon, Catherine, Jacques Villon: Les Estampes et Les Illustrations Catalogue Raisonné, 1979 listed on page 404-405 listed as image E 651.
2. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this work.

About the Framing:
Framed to archival museum grade conservation standards, Vincent van Gogh Jacques Villon Vase with Pink Roses, 1927, after Van Gogh is framed in a complementary moulding with silk mats.