Paul Jenkins, Phenomena Prism Anvil

Artist: Paul Jenkins (1923 - 2012)
Title:Phenomena Prism Anvil
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size:45 in x 57 1/2 in (114.3 cm x 146 cm)
Edition:Unique original acrylic on canvas.
Signature:This work is hand-signed by Paul Jenkins (Missouri, 1923–New York, 2012) in white ink in the lower left corner.
Condition:This work is in excellent condition.
ID #w-4891

Historical Description

Paul Jenkins Phenomena Prism Anvil; An organic composition that embodies free form, this acrylic on canvas is beautiful in its expression of our inner selves. Titled “Phenomena Prism Anvil”, the work speaks to a heaviness that exists within us, but is in truth a transparent optical element as we are (psychologically and emotionally speaking) what we make ourselves. The red is symbolic of the anvil weighing the canvas down with its heavy texture and solid form while the yellows, blues, and whites are the prism, the space encapsulating the anvil that doesn’t allow us to see the truth beneath it, what the artist created underneath. Much like ourselves, in which we create our own heaviness, and are unable or unwilling to recognize what lies beneath.  A truly stunning piece, this work is as much powerful as it is compelling.

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A Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. Certificate of Authenticity accompanies Paul Jenkins Phenomena Prism Anvil.