Pablo Picasso, Face with Points, 1969 A.R. 610

Artist: Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)
Title:Face with Points, 1969
Reference:A.R. 610
Medium:Original turned pitcher of white earthenware clay with decoration in engobes(blue, green, black)
Image Size:HEIGHT: 11 9/16 in (29.5 cm) WIDTH: 7 1/16 in (18 cm)
Signature:Hand inscription carved on the underside of the pitcher, 'EDITION | PICASSO | MADOURA | R 139;' also impressed with the 'Madoura Plein Feu' and 'Edition Picasso' stamps on the underside.
Condition:The delicate surface retains remarkable freshness with clear markings; this work is in very good condition.
ID #w-7234

Historical Description

This curious and playful pitcher utilizes soft tones of blue, brown, and black to create an intriguing and expressive face. Picasso exaggerates certain facial characteristics such as the eyebrows, eyes, and nose, which are all overtly large. He scatters brown dots along the border of the pitcher and around the mouth of the face in a manner reminiscent of a man's beard. Perhaps the most intriguing element of this piece is Picasso's ability to manipulate the facial qualities to fit the natural shape of the pitcher so that, when viewed from the side, the pitcher appears as the facial profile of a man. The forehead, nose, and mouth protrude outward while the eyes appear to sink in. Picasso intentionally adds patches of grey patina that contribute to a weathered appearance despite the glossy, smooth surface of the piece.

Created in 1969, this original turned pitcher of white earthenware clay with decoration in engobes (blue, green, black) has been hand inscribed on the underside 'EDITION | PICASSO | MADOURA| 'R 139' and impressed with the Madoura Plein Feu and Edition Picasso stamps on the underside. Numbered from the edition of 350 on the underside.

Catalogue Raisonné & COA:
Pablo Picasso ceramic Face with Points, 1969 is fully documented and referenced in the below catalogue raisonnés and texts (copies will be enclosed as added documentation with the invoices accompanying the final sale of the work):

1. Ramié, Alain. Picasso Catalogue of the edited ceramic works 1947-1971. Madoura: Galerie Madoura,  1988. Listed and illustrated as catalogue raisonné no. 610 on pg. 293.
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3. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this work.