Fernand Léger, Médaillon (Medallion)

Artist: Fernand Léger (1881 - 1955)
Title:Médaillon (Medallion)
Medium:Original Low Relief Glazed Ceramic Plaque
Image:2 in. x 1 3/5 in.(5 cm x 4 cm)
Signature:Stamped ‘F. Leger’ on verso.
Condition:This work is in excellent condition.
ID #w-5108
Price on Request

Historical Description

Médaillon (Medallion) emphasizes object and color over the traditional subject as swirling lines of red and green twist and overlap around curved bars of black and yellow. The shadows cast by their raised shapes animate the white base, while the colors and bold lines give life and action to the work, which reaches out to the viewer, begging a closer look. Neither sculpture nor drawing, the artwork explores the tension between different media through a combination of painterly color and graphic linearity.

This low relief ceramic plaque is made of white clay and displays white, red, yellow, green and black enamel. The piece is stamped on the verso: F. LEGER.