Anthony van Dyck, Adam van Noort (ca. 1680s)

Artist: Anthony van Dyck (1599 - 1641)
Title:Adam van Noort (ca. 1680s)
Medium:Original Etching and Engraving
Image Size:9.5 in x 5.75 in (24.13 x 14.61 cm)
Sheet Size:10.69 in 7.56 in (27.15 x 19.2 cm)
Framed Size:26 in x 22.52 in (66.04 x 57.2 cm)
Edition:Lifetime Impression. Seventeenth century impression, noted by the Bunch of Grapes and Star with BR watermark from the 1680s
Signature:Signed in the plate 'Ant. Van Dyck fecit aqua forti', in the lower left
Condition:This work is in excellent condition, with wide margins well outside the plate mark. A dark impression with great detail!
ID #w-1932

Historical Description

A wonderfully detailed and charismatic portrait, this exquisite work illustrates the technical mastery and artistic vision of van Dyck. Van Noort's stately, and yet approachable expression, reflects van Dyck's refined ability to comfort and relax his sitters, resulting in a realistic and acute portrait.

This lifetime impression etching and engraving is printed on a fine paper containing a Bunch of Grapes and BR*(star) watermark (Heawood 2290, ) dating this work to the 1680s. Signed in the plate 'Ant. Van Dyck fecit aqua forti', in the lower left, this work is in excellent condition, some conservation to the margin by a professional conservator that does not affect the image. A large and dark impression with great detail! The title of the work reads below the image 'Adamus van Noort Antuerpiæ Pictor Iconum.'

Depicting a noble man with a regal air about him, the delicate linear details of his face and hair give a sense of volume and realism to the image. Positioned in side profile, van Noort gives us subtle bits of information about himself through his posture, dress and general appearance. His well groomed facial hair, ruffled collar and regal sash indicate that he is a man of learning, he is accomplished but not of the royal elite, and his strong stance with clenched left fist, firmly grasping the toga-like sash speaks to the strength of his character. Utilizing detail gradation, the artist illustrates the shawl around the figure in a more ghostly image than the face, hair and collar. The importance placed on the facial features, beard, hair, and hand reflects the artist's interest in the portrait sitter, rather than the secondary details of the environment and clothing. A fine dark impression with extraordinary detailing-this is a marvelous example of van Dyck's refined trademark style.

Catalogue Raisonné & COA:
It is fully documented and referenced in (copies will be enclosed as added documentation with the invoices that I will enclose with the sale of the work) :

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About the Framing:
Conservation framed with museum quality archival materials, this work is mounted on archival cream linen in an elegant dark gold leaf frame. The dark tone of the delicate moulding accentuates the strong contrasts in this piece. The refined gold leaf details with subtle hints of red and black in the framing compliments, without overpowering, the remarkable details within this work. Completed with cream linen wrapped mattes and a matching gold inner fillet, this work is set behind an archival Plexiglas cover.