Andy Warhol, The Star 1981

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Artist: Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987)
Title: The Star 1981
Reference: FS II258
Sheet Size: 38 x 38" (96.5 x 96.5 cm)
Signature: Signed and numbered in pencil as follows: The Star, the Witch, Howdy Doody- verso; Uncle Sam, Superman, Mammy, Dracula, Santa Claus, The Shadow- lower left. There are the following HC signed and numbered in pencil the same as above: The Star, HC 1/4 - 4/4; Uncle Sam, HC 1/1; Superman, HC 1/12 - 12/12; The Witch HC 1/10 - 10/10; Mammy, HC 1/4 - 4/4; Howdy Doody, HC 1/3 - 3/3; Dracula, HC 1/1; Mickey Mouse, HC 1/4 - 4/4; Santa Claus, HC 1/3 - 3/3, The Shadow, HC 1/1, some of these are trial proof variations. There are 30 TP signed and numbered in pencil lower left, except Dracula and The Shadow - lower center. All regular edition prints have diamond dust except Dracula; most TP have diamond dust.

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