Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Fine Art

With our Holiday Gift Guide 2019, make this holiday unique with the lasting gift of fine art. Quirky or classic, these beautiful works will send just the right message to that special person in your life. Browse by genre or price, or view every work we have to offer. Need help? Give us a call at 1-800-805-7060 to speak to our staff immediately and they will guide you to the piece you are looking for.

Andy Warhol Screen Print, Kimiko, 1981
Andy Warhol Screen Print
Kimiko, 1981
$40,000 $23,000 ID # w-5555
Jim Dine Monoprint, Untitled (Robe), 2006
Jim Dine Monoprint
Untitled (Robe), 2006
$45,000 $30,000 ID # W-6776
Joan Miró Etching, Galatea, 1976
Joan Miró Etching
Galatea, 1976
$50,000 ID # w-6756
Marc Chagall Lithograph, Carmen, 1966
Marc Chagall Lithograph
Carmen, 1966
Price on Request ID # W-6680
Paul Jenkins Watercolor, Untitled, 1976
Paul Jenkins Watercolor
Untitled, 1976
$24,000 $16,000 ID # W-6450
Paul Jenkins Watercolor, Untitled, 1972
Paul Jenkins Watercolor
Untitled, 1972
Price on Request ID # W-6426
Victor Vasarely Painting, Duo-2, 1967
Victor Vasarely Painting
Duo-2, 1967
Price on Request ID # w-295
Arman Sculpture, Venus de Milo, 2001
Arman Sculpture
Venus de Milo, 2001
$15,000 $8,000 ID # W-6023
Arman Sculpture, Waiting to Exhale, 1997
Arman Sculpture
Waiting to Exhale, 1997
$16,500 $10,000 ID # W-6024
Fernand Léger Ceramic, Untitled, 1952
Fernand Léger Ceramic
Untitled, 1952
Price on Request ID # w-1889
Victor Vasarely Sculpture, MC 124, 1974
Victor Vasarely Sculpture
MC 124, 1974
Price on Request ID # w-3910

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