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Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary January 11 – January 15 2018

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary hosted from Thursday January 11th – Monday January 15th. Starting with a VIP Preview night and continuing throughout the weekend, Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary brings together a wonderful collection of previous exhibitors and new ones to showcase an array of contemporary and modern art. This […]

The LA Art Show: Modern + Contemporary January 10-14

  Join Masterworks Fine Art at The LA Art Show: Modern + Contemporary 2018 hosted from Wednesday January 10th – Sunday January 14th. Kicking off with an Opening Night Premiere Party on Wednesday, The LA Art Show will exhibit exceptional painting, works on paper, sculpture, performance, etc. Known for providing dynamic experiences for its audience, over […]

SOFA Chicago 2017

SOFA Chicago 2017 Nov 2nd – Nov 5th

  Join Masterworks Fine Art at SOFA Chicago 2017: The Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair hosted from Thursday November 2nd – Sunday November 5th. Starting with a VIP Preview night  Thursday and continuing through the weekend, SOFA Chicago focuses on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design. […]

picasso blue period hidden painting crop

Picasso Blue Period Piece “La Grommeuse, 1901” Reveals Hidden Wonder

A delightful and significant surprise was discovered in 2000, when a conservator uncovered a previously unknown painting on the backside of the canvas of Picasso blue period work La Gommeuse, 1901. The painting was of Picasso’s friend and then art dealer, Pere Mañach. Mañach is depicted wearing a red and yellow turban with his body […]

Pop Artist James Rosenquist Dies at 83

James Rosenquist, known for his role in defining Pop Art during the 1960’s died at his home in New York City on Friday. Born in 1933 in North Dakota, Rosenquist studied at the University of Minnesota before moving to New York City in the 1950’s. Rosenquist’s mother was an amateur artist, and very encouraging to […]

Art New York

Art New York May 3rd – 7th

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Art New York from May 3rd – 7th. Kicking off the fair with an opening night VIP preview party, Art New York continues throughout the weekend with a large number of international galleries exhibiting their many works, special exhibitions, and events. This year’s show will take place at Pier 94, […]

Art Market San Francisco

Art Market San Francisco

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Art Market San Francisco hosted from Thursday April 27th – Sunday April 30th. Starting with a VIP Preview night and continuing throughout the weekend, Art Market San Francisco brings together a wonderful collection of previous exhibitors and new ones to showcase an array of contemporary and modern art. This year’s […]

Print Annotations: Artist Proofs? What does this all mean? article by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Print Annotations: Artist Proofs- What do they mean?

Prints often have annotations in the margins, and you might be wondering what they mean. In general, prints are signed and numbered with their edition. In addition to these markings, you might also see the following abbreviations: A.P. stands for Artist’s Proof. This annotation stems from the past when artists would be hired by patrons […]

Henri Matisse Joy of Life (Bonheur de Vivre), 1905 article by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Matisse’s Paintings: Most Famous Works and Periods from his Life

Henri Matisse created a large number of well-known paintings during his lifetime, and to this day has the reputation of being one of the most important artists of the 20th century right along next to Pablo Picasso. If you think about Henri Matisse, perhaps the first association is the Fauve movement. Fauvism was born in […]

Roy Lichtenstein Crying Girl, 1963

A Closer Look: Roy Lichtenstein Crying Girl, 1963

Roy Lichtenstein, a famous pop artist, was highly influenced by comic book style from 1961-1965. Lichtenstein drew on the dark, thick lines and limited color palate of comics for his own art. He also heavily employed ben-day dots. Ben-day dots were the technique that was used at the time to print comics. Rather than printing […]

Victor Vasarely Zebra, 1937 artwork offered for Sale by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Victor Vasarely Zebra, 1937 – Setting the Course of Optical Art in the 20th Century

Victor Vasarely  Zebra, 1937 is a highly contrasting somewhat-abstracted work that set the course for Optical Art in the 20th century. Two zebras intertwine on a black background, limbs overlapping. The zebras are defined only by the alternating black and white lines that make up their stripes. There is no outline that defines the boundary of […]

Rodin Henri Becque, 1883-1887 shown for Sale by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Printmaking Techniques

Collograph A collograph is print made from a collage. This printing method is usually used in combination with other printing methods. It was most likely invented in the 19th century.   Intaglio Prints Intaglio coming from the Italian word meaning “to cut into” is a broad category of printmaking created by incising lines and depressions […]

Alexander Calder: Inspiring his Descendants

Alexander Calder: Inspiring his Descendants Alexander Calder redefined art by introducing mobiles into the world and constantly explored different mediums and methods as a way to express his ideas. Now his great-grandson is following in his footsteps in an interesting way. Gryphon Rower-Upjohn is organizing an exhibition of work that melds sculpture, performance and sound […]

art boca raton

Art Boca Raton

Join Masterworks Fine Art at the premeire Art Boca Raton hosted from Thursday March 16th through Sunday March 19th. Starting with a VIP opening night preview on March 15th and continuing through the weekend, Art Boca Raton brings together a wonderful selection of international galleries for a fair full of art, events, and lectures. This […]

picasso linocuts

Pablo Picasso Linocuts Still High in Value

Pablo Picasso linocuts have consistently been some of his highest grossing works of art at auction. Three works in particular remain in the top for auctions in the past 10 years. Picasso began an intense period of linoleum cuts from 1958-1963. Part of this change in medium from lithography and etching was circumstantial. It was […]

Pablo Picasso Head of a Young Woman, 1906

Picasso Seized on Yacht

Pablo Picasso Head of a Young Woman, 1906 was seized from Spanish banker’s Jaime Botín yacht off the island of Corsica this past week. The Spanish culture ministry had been blocking Botín’s efforts to export the work since 2012, on the grounds that there was “no similar work on Spanish territory” from that period of the […]

Another Stolen Picasso Returned, La Coiffeuse, 1911 article by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery specializing in Picasso art for Sale

Another Stolen Picasso Returned

La Coiffeuse (1911) by Pablo Picasso from his cubist period was stolen from the archives of Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou Museum back in 2001. It was listed on Interpol’s Stolen Art Database and thought lost until December 2014, when it was seized by American customs agents in Newark, New Jersey. The painting was discovered in […]

Alexander Calder Mobiles in the Spotlight article by Masterworks Fine Art gallery specializing in Calder art for Sale

Calder Mobiles in the Spotlight

A stunning show of Alexander Calder’s mobile works currently on display at the Dominique Lévy Gallery has the art world talking, as it is intimate and encompassing. A small retrospective, the exhibition is a selection of nearly 50 small Calder mobiles and stabiles, a few less than two inches tall, that the American sculptor executed […]

Man Ray: Human Equations article by Masterworks Fine Art gallery specializing in Man Ray art for Sale

“Man Ray: Human Equations” Exhibition

Man Ray: Human Equations is an exhibition currently on display at Copenhagen’s NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Gallery until September 20th, 2015. What makes it stand out is it’s exploration of art and science that intersected at the beginning of the 20th century and defined a significant component of modern art and in particular the role Man […]

Art and Medicine: Teaching about illness through art article by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Art and Medicine: Teaching about illness through art

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has been working in conjunction with guest artist Ted Meyer for the past five years to educate doctors about illness through art. Meyer curates artist talks and exhibitions that are designed for first and second year medical students, most of whom have not yet had an opportunity […]

new york art on paper exhibiting Masterworks Fine Art Gallery works for Sale

NYC Art on Paper Premier Art Fair March 2nd – 5th

Join our gallery at the Premier Art show in NYC this week; Art on Paper NYC from March 2nd – 5th. Starting with an opening preview on the 2nd and continuing throughout the weekend, Art on Paper brings together an international collection of galleries showcasing works that are unified by their paper medium. This year’s show […]

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 16-20, 2017 Masterworks Fine Art Gallery exhibiting works by Picasso to Warhol for Sale

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair – February 16-20, 2017

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair is finally here! Joins us  from Thursday February 16th – Monday February 21st, 2017. Beginning with an opening night VIP Preview, the show continues over President’s Day Weekend for a weekend full of wonderful galleries, performance art, and lectures. This year’s show will take place in the Art Wynwood […]

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show February 15th - 21st 2017 Masterworks Fine Art Gallery exhibiting a collection of Picasso ceramics Joan Miro Matisse and Chagall for Sale

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show February 15 – 21 2017

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show has arrived! Join us from Thursday February 16th – Tuesday February 21st. From an opening night preview party to a weekend full of lectures on the most pressing topics in the art world such as “The Next Generation of Collecting” and “Collecting & Care of Fine Art,” […]

Rodin young girl with serpent, 1886 showing by Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

What the “Young Girl with Serpent” by Rodin Teaches Us

Young Girl with Serpent (1886) by Auguste Rodin was stolen from a Beverly Hills home in 1991, in addition to over $1 million  worth of property including an additional Rodin sculpture, The Eternal Spring . The case had gone unsolved for over 20 years until 2011, when the statue estimated to be worth around $100,000 was […]

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter: How Living Artists Impact Their Legacy

Gerhard Richter is an artist well known for his visual abstract style of painting. A sought after and highly public artist, he has been very involved in his own press, the representation and holdings of his artworks, and most notably the creation of his catalogue raisonné. A project that has been in the making for […]


Picasso, Braque, and the Development of the Cubist Style

Cubism was developed relatively rapidly between 1907 and 1914 as a return to realism in painting. At first, it was a uniquely Parisian phenomenon, lasting until around 1912. The style was originally developed in conjunction by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. The pair was introduced in 1907 by Apollinaire, French poet, and they started working […]

picasso and matisse

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso: Competitive Dialogue

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were introduced in 1906 by Gertrude Stein. Thus began a long and artistically bountiful competitive dialogue between the two great artists. Though Matisse once said about the pair that they were “as different as the north pole is from the south pole,” their careers ran largely parallel partly due to […]


Andy Warhol and his Screenprint

Andy Warhol, master pop artist of the 20th century, is one of the first artists in modern times to legitimize the screenprint as a fine art technique. The screenprint has been around for centuries, but Warhol contributed to bringing the practice more into the mainstream in the 1960’s. Some purists were skeptical about screenprinting as […]

picasso's flowers

Picasso’s Flowers and Bouquets: Tracing His Ever-Evolving Style

Pablo Picasso Flowers and Bouquets: Pablo Picasso was a very prolific artist, creating an immense oeuvre in multiple mediums including graphic (with a large printed body), sculptural, ceramic, and some glasswork. Throughout his long artistic career, Picasso explored many diverse themes and much subject matter in his work. One of the artistic designs that we […]

art and immigration

Art and Immigration

UPDATES: The 9th Circuit denied a request by the Trump administration to overturn the block of the immigration ban in the February 3rd. On February 3rd, a Seattle judge blocked the immigration ban. As of January 28th, a federal judge in Brooklyn granted a stay on the deportations of visa holders in the United States. […]

picasso linocuts

Pablo Picasso Linocuts: A Master of the Medium

Pablo Picasso was an innovator in every art form that he worked in, from painting, to ceramic, to printmaking. He frequently pushed the bounds of the possible, and made the medium his own. Picasso was talented in etching from the beginning of his artistic career. It was not until 1939, however, that Picasso tried at […]

Pablo Picasso Rose Period Painting The Artist Subject of Lawsuit

Picasso Rose Period Painting The Artist Subject of Lawsuit

Pablo Picasso Rose Period Painting :The Artist” Subject of Lawsuit The Metropolitan Museum was sued in 2011 by Laurel Zuckerman, great grand-niece of Paul Friedrich Leffmann, a German Jewish businessman. The lawsuit claims ownership over the Pablo Picasso Rose Period painting The Artist, 1904-1905. Zuckerman and her lawyers claim that The Artist was sold by the […]

Marc Chagall and Jerusalem

Windows of Jerusalem: Art – Ancient, Modern, Chagall?

Jerusalem has been back in the news with fervor lately, due to the new administration’s desire to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a cultural rich city, full of history, art, and artifacts from many different cultures. Not only does the city hold ancient art, but work from modern day […]

Alexander Calder Mobile of Modern Art Sculpture

The Mobiles of Alexander Calder

The Mobiles of Alexander Calder: The mobiles of Alexander Calder take a magnificent place in the history of Modern Art. What we now see hanging above the beds of toddlers, entrancing young children everywhere, started as an avant-garde art undertaking. Calder was raised by a sculptor father and painter mother. He attended school for Mechanical […]

Pablo Picasso's Mougins Estate

Sale of Pablo Picasso’s Mougins Estate

Pablo Picasso’s Mougins estate in the south of France has been sold to financier Rayo Withanage, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Scepter Partners. The property, nicknamed L’Antre du Minotaure or ‘The Den of the Minotaur’ was the house in which Picasso lived with his last wife Jacqueline Roque from 1961 until the time of his […]


Pablo Picasso and Saltimbanques

Pablo Picasso and Saltimbanques After exiting his Blue Period, Pablo Picasso entered his Rose Period. A notable thematic change was the move to saltimbanques or harlequins – transient circus performers. He portrayed them in daily life, with their families, as opposed to performing. In many of the etchings and paintings, the characters are very still, […]

Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist 1903 painting in the Blue Period

Analysis: The Old Guitarist (1903), by Pablo Picasso

The Old Guitarist was created by Pablo Picasso in 1903 while he was living in Spain during what would be later referred to as his Blue Period. This period was hallmarked by almost universal use of a monochromatic blue palette, somber and dismal subjects and an overall impoverished tone. Picasso’s Blue Period is said to have begun […]

Marc Chagall's stained glass windows in Chichester Cathedral, England

Marc Chagall’s Stained Glass Windows

Known for his exquisite palate and control of color in his graphic oeuvre, Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows are no exception. This incredible talent permeates his later work with the stained glass medium as well. It was not until Chagall was in his 70’s that he began to create artwork of stained glass. The quality […]

Picasso Ceramic Collection

Lord Richard Attenborough’s Picasso Ceramic Collection on Sale at Sotheby’s

Sir Richard Attenborough and his family used to summer in the Côte d’Azur, in the South of France. It was on one of these vacations that he came across the Madoura Pottery Studio situated in the lovely town of Vallauris. Attenborough immediately fell in love with the playful and unique quality of Picasso’s ceramics that […]

Palm Beach Modern

Palm Beach Modern Contemporary Art Fair

Join us at the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair from Thursday January 12th to Sunday January 15th. With an opening night premier party and a variety of international artists and exhibitors including Masterworks Fine Art Gallery, the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair offers a full weekend of activities and exploration. This […]

LA Art Show

LA Art Show 2017

Join us at the LA Art Show from Wednesday January 11th to Sunday January 15th. With fine art lectures, artist performances, an opening night premiere party, and various art exhibits including Masterwork’s, the show offers a full weekend of activities and exploration. The LA Art show is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center across […]

Luxury Real Estate

The Intersection of Fine Art and Luxury Real Estate

Real estate and art have been linked for some time, but recently the two have been linked in new ways. Real estate agencies are now beginning to partner with art galleries to include fine art in the staging process. There are a few reasons why this is beneficial to both. The art adds a certain […]

happy birthday pablo picasso

Happy Birthday Pablo Picasso!

Happy Birthday Pablo Picasso! Yesterday, October 25th, was the birthday of modern master Pablo Picasso, the man renowned as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Born in 1881, Picasso was surrounded by art from an early age. He would have been 135 years old. In his teens, his family moved from Málaga […]

Matisse Gouache

MoMA Hung Matisse Gouache Upside Down for 47 Days

Oops! On October 18th, 55 years ago, an exhibit “The Last Works of Henri Matisse” opened at the New York Museum of Modern Art. It consisted of large cut gouaches – including Matisse Le Bateau (The Boat). Le Bateau is an image of a boat and its reflection executed in very simple lines and shapes. […]

Picasso Retrospective

1966 Picasso Retrospective at the Grand Palais

On the eve of Pablo Picasso’s 85 birthday in 1966, a large retrospective Hommage à Picasso was put on at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.  The show contained around 800 works, above and away the largest Picasso retrospective up until that time. The next closest was at the Tate in London, England and featured […]

Shchukin Collection

Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection, Hermitage Museum – Pushkin Museum

Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection, Hermitage Museum – Pushkin Museum on exhibit at Foundation Louis Vuitton from October 20th, 2016 – February 20th, 2017. After almost 100 years, the great collection consisting mainly of French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists will be on display in France. The collection was created by Russian textile merchant Sergei […]

Original Pablo Picasso Ceramic terracotta plaque

Understanding Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plaques

Understanding Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plaques Pablo Picasso ventured head first into the ceramic medium in 1946 when, while he was vacationing with then-lover Françoise Gilot, he encountered the Madoura Pottery Studio. The pottery studio was run by Georges and Suzanne Ramié, a married couple who Picasso would have a long-lasting professional career with. Pablo Picasso […]

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Oval Plates Visage dans un ovale (Face in an Oval), 1955

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Oval Plates

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Oval Plates During his time in Vallauris, Pablo Picasso created a vast oeuvre of ceramic works with the help of Georges and Suzanne Ramié at the Madoura pottery studio. Picasso ceramics, also called Picasso Madoura ceramics and Picasso pottery, were created in all varieties of forms – a favorite of which […]

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plaque

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plaques

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plaques A few different narratives exist for how Pablo Picasso first became enthralled with the field of ceramic art. It is agreed that in the summer of 1946, Picasso and then lover Françoise Gilot were vacationing in the south of France in a small town called Vallauris. Picasso and Gilot attended […]

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plates

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plates

Collecting Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plates In the summer of 1946, Pablo Picasso met Georges and Suzanne Ramié, owners of the Madoura pottery studio in the small French town of Vallauris. Picasso was almost immediately enchanted with the medium, and quickly became prolific in the field of ceramic art, creating a wealth of Picasso ceramics (also […]

our guide to collecting picasso ceramics a guide on buying the ceramics

Our Guide to Collecting Picasso Ceramics

Collecting Picasso Ceramics Our Guide to Collecting Picasso Ceramics In 1947, shortly after the war, Picasso began collaborating with the Madoura studio in making his much loved ceramic works. He painted approximately 4,000 pieces in this period, most of which are in the private collection of friends and family. During this immensely productive period, the […]

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Markings and Stamps

Picasso Ceramics Markings and Stamps

A Simple Guide to Picasso Ceramic Markings and Stamps   In 1946, Picasso first set foot into the Madoura Pottery studio, and later began a prolific partnership between himself and Georges and Suzanne Ramie, owners of the studio. He approached this ceramic medium with the same inventiveness and imagination he brought to his previous paintings and […]

picasso on a silver platter is a blog post about picasso's silver plates on auction

Picasso on a Silver Platter

June 23rd, 2016: Sotheby’s Boundless: Contemporary Art Auction in Hong Kong On June 23, 2016, Sotheby’s will mark the first time a complete set of Picasso silver plates have ever appeared at an auction. The auction will take place in Hong Kong, at the bi-annual Boundless: Contemporary Art Auction. The 24 plates will be offered […]

new-york-banner large

Art New York May 3rd-May 8th, 2016

We are excited to welcome Spring with Art New York, a highly-anticipated art fair produced by Art Miami. In its second second year, Art New York will showcase artworks from more than 150 galleries from 50 countries, representing a total of 1,200 international artists. As one of New York City’s premier art events, the show is quickly becoming the […]

sam francis

Sam Francis: A Rising Market

Sam Francis: A Rising Market Updates: Continuing to exceed expectation, Sam Francis Composition, 1954 sold for $2,172,500, outside of the 1 million to 1.5 million estimate, at Sotheby’s New York on November 18th, 2016. Sam Francis Summer No. 1, 1957 sold at Sotheby’s for 11,842,000, on the upper side of the expected range. Sam Francis (San Mateo, 1923- Santa Monica, […]

Andy Warhol's First Studio in New York, up for sale for $10M

Selling Andy Warhol’s First Studio for $10 Million

Selling Andy Warhol’s First Studio for $10 Million Andy Warhol’s first studio in New York is up for sale through real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield for $9.975 million. The 5,000 square-foot studio located on 159 E. 87th St. used to be a firehouse which Warhol rented in 1962 for $100 a month. When Warhol […]

Andy Warhol : Portraits Exhibition Poster from the Crocker Museum

Andy Warhol:Portraits at the Crocker Museum March,13-June 19, 2016

The Exhibition Premise Glamour, drama and color are the most commonly used words in describing Andy Warhol’s works.Holding the title“Pope of Pop”, Warhol exposes our continued fascination with celebrity and popular culture. “Andy Warhol: Portraits” gives viewers  a chance to experience Warhol’s pop iconography. The exhibition will be open from March 13, 2016 to June 19, 2016 […]

Joan Miró: The Force of Matter (La forza della materia)

Joan Miró: The Force of Matter (La forza della materia) Opens in Milan

Introduction to Joan Miró: The Force of Matter (La forza della materia) A major Joan Miró exhibition has opened in Milan, Italy from March 25- September 11, 2016. The show is curated by the Fundació Joan Miró of Barcelona and will give an unparalleled access to the artist’s enigmatic and surreal oeuvre.  The Milanese MUDEC […]

Frank Stella and Moby Dick Artwork from Moby Dick Series: Examining Stella's Journey

Frank Stella and Moby Dick: A Whale of an Imagination

Stella Before Moby Dick Frank Stella is well known for his minimalist style. In his early years as an artist, his austere Black Paintings transformed the way viewers experienced color, form and the environment. Yet, later in his career, Stella’ style drastically evolved into abstraction and three dimensional forms. Between the years 1985 and 1993, […]

stella: a retrospective

Frank Stella: A Retrospective at the de Young Museum

Updates: This is the last week to see Frank Stella: A Retrospective at the de Young Museum. The show has been highly lauded by critics. The show at the de Young holds 50 works of art in a range of mediums from American artist, Frank Stella. Frank Stella: A Retrospective will open at the de Young Museum […]

picasso family, Picasso: A Family Affair | Who gets the Picasso Estate?

Pablo Picasso: A Family Affair

When Pablo Picasso passed away without a will, he left behind more than 45,000 works which have become the center of personal and financial struggle between his heirs. The artist was survived by 4 children from 3 different women. They are as follows: Paulo (with Olga Khokhlova), Maya (with Marie-Thérèse Walter), and Claude and Paloma […]


Andy Warhol: Endangered Species Portfolio, 1983

Andy Warhol is a dynamic artist whose subject matter range from everyday objects to world famous celebrities. Created in 1983, Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species silkscreen prints are some of the most important works of his oeuvre. These 10 screen prints were the result of a conversation about ecological issues between Warhol and art dealers Ronald and […]


Masterworks Fine Art at New York Art, Antique and Jewelry Show 2015

  Join us at the New York Art, Antique and Jewelry Show this November.  In its second edition, this New York show held at the exquisite Park Avenue Armory will bring prominent fine art dealers, the best jewelers and many important antiques from 80 international galleries. Opening night invites VIP guests to experience a first-look […]


Stella Retrospective at The Whitney Museum

Frank Stella: A Retrospective was on view at the Whitney Museum in New York  from October 30, 2015 to February 7, 2016. The exhibition displayed approximately 100 works, showcasing Stella’s prolific career from the 1958 to the present moment. The exhibition was the first retrospective to be held in the museum’s new building in Chelsea and […]


Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco

      Thank you to our collectors and supporters for coming to see our exhibit last weekend! This year’s Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco Show was phenomenal with its stunning and creative exhibition of artworks. We hope that everyone who came enjoyed the show! Masterworks Fine Art Gallery showcased a curated selection of […]

Houston Fine Art Fair

Houston Fine Art Fair 2015

  Thank you to all our collectors and supporters who came out to visit us! With 85 galleries from 14 countries, the Houston Fine Art Fair 2015 exhibited a vast array of artworks from modern and contemporary masters, mid-career and emerging artists from around the globe. Masterworks Fine Art Gallery showcased a curated selection of […]

Art Aspen 2015

Art Aspen 2015

Attend Art Aspen 2015 to experience over 250 contemporary and post-war artworks by over 100 artists. Opening night comes with the added delight of an open wine bar and hors d’oeuvres. Masterworks Fine Art Gallery will be showcasing a curated selection of works by 20th century Modern Masters, including our extensive Picasso ceramic collection, and several exhibits featuring our finest […]

Art Aspen 2015

Art Aspen 2015

A big thank you to our collectors and supporters for coming to visit us. Art Aspen 2015 was spectacular with over 250 contemporary and post-war artworks by over 100 artists. Masterworks Fine Art Gallery showcased a curated selection of works by 20th century Modern Masters, including our extensive Picasso ceramic collection, and several exhibits featuring our finest […]

Ai Weiwei Opens First Solo Show in China

Ai Weiwei Opens First Solo Show in China

Ai Weiwei opened his first solo exhibition in China last month. The eponymously titled exhibition “Ai Weiwei” opened at Galeria Continua at the Tang Contemporary Art Center in 798, the art district in Beijing. Forbidden from leaving China since 2011, Ai has been living and working out of his Beijing compound, and only exhibiting internationally, […]

A Happy Birthday to Mary Cassatt, May 25 | Masterworks Fine Art

American Artist Series: Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was born in Pennsylvania, but lived much of her adult life in France where she befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists. Her fame comes from creating images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children. As a woman who […]

American Artist Series: Andy Warhol

American Artist Series: Andy Warhol

In honor of the 4th of July, we will be looking at famous American artists in our collection who have left an impact on the art world and perhaps the most important one is Andy Warhol: Andy Warhol grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he struggled as a child but found solace in his mother, […]

American Artist Series: Jasper Johns | Masterworks Fine Art

American Artist Series: Jasper Johns

In honor of the 4th of July, we will be looking at famous American artists in our collection who have left an impact on the art world and one in particular who stands out is Jasper Johns: Jasper Johns grew up in South Carolina, moving from home to home and never really knew what art […]

American Artist Series: Deborah Butterfield | Masterworks Fine Art

American Artist Series: Deborah Butterfield

In honor of the 4th of July, we will be looking at famous American artists in our collection and one is the iconic sculptor Deborah Butterfield: Born in California, Deborah Butterfield credits her birthdate, the 75th running of the Kentucky Derby, as an inspiration for her subject matter. She earned her bachelor’s degree and a […]


American Artist Series: Frank Stella

In honor of the 4th of July, we will be looking at famous American artists in our collection and one who needs no introduction is Frank Stella: Frank Stella grew up in Massachusetts and attended Princeton University, where he majored in history. He visited many New York art galleries and began to pursue art as […]

Picasso Ceramics Market - Remaining Strong and Steady

Picasso Ceramics: A Market Going Strong

Picasso ceramics have taken ahold of the art market to become one of Picasso’s most quickly enduring market segments. Long ignored, the market for them is desirable as works are not only exclusive and limited, but also accessible to emerging collectors much like his lithographs. With beginning prices of around $1,500, some of them fall […]

Art Southampton 2015

Art Southampton 2015

  The fourth season of Art Southampton, the premier art fair of the Hamptons, is happening this July. and we want to see you there! The five day fair will be benefiting the Parrish Art Museum , Southampton Hospital, the Ross School, and Southampton Fresh Air Home and Robert Wilson’s internationally renowned The Watermill Center. […]

Portrait of Gertrud Loew

Rare Repatriated Klimt “Portrait of Gertrud Loew” to Come to Auction

The repatriation of art that was abandoned, stolen, or sold during World War II is a popular topic. One in particular that has been in the news lately is Gustav Klimt’s 1902 oil on canvas, Portrait of Gertrud Loew. Gertrud Loew, portrayed in the work, along with her late husband Elemer Baruch von Felsöványi inherited […]

Alberto Giacometti Sets Mark on Market

Giacometti Sets Mark on Market

Alberto Giacometti sets auctions records regularly, so when his most beloved 1947 70-inch (180-cm) bronze sculpture, “Pointing Man” came up for auction last month it was expected to fetch more than $130 million, but what it actually sold for was $141 million. Proving once more how in demand the artist is and how his artwork […]

Remembering Manet on the Anniversary of his Passing

Remembering Manet on the Anniversary of his Passing, April 30

Remembering Manet on the Anniversary of his Passing, April 30 Manet is commonly understood as being the leader of the Impressionist painters but he was not particularly interested in light, rather he was interested in portraying contrast. At a time when the favored style was conservative, dark, and religious, Manet challenged the accepted art world […]

The Man, The Myth, Picasso

The Man, The Myth, Picasso

The Man, The Myth, Picasso Few artists compare to Picasso’s oeuvre, artistic talent and personality. A man of many loves and secrets, he lived an exciting life that was full of passion and adventure, so it is no wonder that many misconceptions surround him. Some are fanciful, some are horrible and some are unbelievable. However […]

Picasso’s Lithographs

Museum Acquires Rare Picasso Glass Work

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has paid £22,500 to acquire a proof of rare Pablo Picasso glass work Capra. Pablo Picasso designed the work in 1954 and Italian glass maker Egidio Constantini produced it, after which another seven variants were made. The work is made from black, white and iridescent glass, and will be […]

A Happy Birthday to Mary Cassatt, May 25 | Masterworks Fine Art

A Happy Birthday to Mary Cassatt, May 25

A Happy Birthday to Mary Cassatt, May 25 Mary Cassatt is a fascinating woman as she is best known and loved for her tender portrayals of mothers with children but was not a mother herself. Instead, she pursued the path of becoming an artist in a time when female artists were looked down upon. Her […]

Henri Rousseau, A Happy Birthday May 21 | Masterworks Fine Art

Henri Rousseau, A Happy Birthday May 21

Henri Rousseau, A Happy Birthday May 21 Henri Rousseau was a French Post-Impressionist painter known for his creation of the Naïve or Primitive manner in which art was a completely natural expression. In his art in particular there resonates an innocence and charm that won him the admiration of the avant-garde during his lifetime. He […]

Rare Picasso’s to come onto the Market Thanks to Marina Picasso

Picasso Breaks Another Art World Record

Pablo Picasso’s Women of Algiers (Version O) has beat out Francis Bacon’s triptych Three Studies of Lucian Freud to become the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction, breaking an art world record. Bacon’s triptych sold for $142.4 million at Christie’s in November 2013 and Picasso’s Women of Algiers (Version O) sold for […]

Changes on the Way for the US Art Market? If the ART Act Passes, Yes

Changes on the Way for the US Art Market? If the “ART Act” Passes, Yes

Visual artists’ resale royalty rights is a huge issue in the art world as artists often sell their works for less, only to see their value increase over the years without getting a later cut of the profits. More than 70 countries provide visual artists’ copyright protections for their intellectual property, however the United States does not. Therefore […]

coachella music festivals and art

Music Festivals and Art

Usually occurring in April over a series of weekends is Coachella, a music festival that features big name and unknown artists. Outside of showcasing talented musicians however the festival also features installation art. This year there were 19 art installations on the festival grounds including a giant yellow and black caterpillar by Mike Grandaw, which […]

The Controversy of the Rothschild Rembrandts | Masterworks Fine Art

The Controversy of the Rothschild Rembrandts

Private art collectors pose an interesting issue for matters of national heritage as they are granted rights that other businesses and institutions do not hold. As two Rembrandt portraits make their way from France to the United States, there is quite the uproar over the Ministry of Culture and the Louvre for failing to declare […]

Banksy Mural Granted Historical Protection

Banksy Mural Granted Historical Protection

As we previously wrote this past August in Banksy’s Graffiti Art Gets Graffiti Tagged, a Banksy mural was vandalized that depicted several spies eves-dropping on a phone booth in the English town of Cheltenham. Today the building on which he painted his Spy Booth mural was granted protection by the local government. The Cheltenham Borough […]

Matisse: The Cut Outs Exhibition Gets a Movie | Matisse LIVE

Matisse: The Cut Outs Exhibition Gets a Movie

The exhibition Matisse: The Cut Outs that was most recently at the Museum of Modern Art in New York was a phenomenal success. Bringing to light one of the often-ignored stages in Matisse’s career, the show was informative and bold. Accompanying the show, which some individuals may not have been aware of is a film […]

Cezanne and Miró Make Waves in the Market

Happy Birthday to Joan Miró on His 122nd Birthday

Joan Miró drew on inspiration from memory, fantasy and the irrational, which is why his art is so universally cherished and honored. Working on themes that surrounded poetry, novels, plays, political agendas, and his own experiences, he pulled his abstract creations from the real world around him which enabled him to give his works an […]

Fondation Custodia - Little Known but Historic Drawing Collection in Paris

Fondation Custodia – The Little Known but Historic Drawing Collection in Paris

Hidden away behind the Assemblée Nationale in Paris is a little known art foundation that keeps an extraordinary collection of historical old master drawings. Located in the Hôtel Turgot, the Fondation Custodia was established by the renowned Dutch connoisseur and collector Frits Lugt back in 1947. As one of the most famous authorities on old […]

Warhol: The Athletes at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

“Warhol: The Athletes” at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Andy Warhol’s series The Athletes includes 10 portraits of famous athletes that were commissioned by Andy Warhol’s friend and collector Richard Weisman. Created in 1978, the painting series features NBA all-time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, golfing great Jack Nicklaus, figure skating Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill, boxing icon Muhammad Ali, the infamous O. J. Simpson, […]

Warhol Museum Not Coming to New York After All

Warhol Museum Not Coming to New York After All

The Andy Warhol Museum is one of the most popular museums in the United States. Currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the artist’s hometown, the museum has a large and diverse audience thus it made sense for the museum to be apart of a development project that was being planned in New York. However the 6-acres […]


Goldwyn Art Collection for Sale

With the passing of any serious art collector comes intrigue surrounding what will happen to their collection. In the case of the Samuel Goldwyn Jr. estate, the founder of multiple movie studios, you sell. In a collection that’s estimated to be worth between $25 and $30 million, 25 works will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s […]

Happy Birthday Vlaminck

Happy Birthday Vlaminck April 4th!

Happy Birthday Vlaminck April 4th! Maurice de Vlaminck was a talented writer, musician and of course artist. Having grown up with two musicians as parents he effortlessly played the violin and was highly immersed in the arts which is why it is no wonder he choose to pursue an artistic career. The fascinating thing about […]

Happy Birthday Raphael

Happy Birthday Raphael!

Raphael was born today and passed away today leaving an impressive oeuvre. Known as the greatest painter in history, he was a fascinating man who lived in a time with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who were also masters at their craft and made it no easy feat to stand out. As Raphael and Michelangelo […]

DreamWorks Animated Movie ‘Home’ Shows Some Love for Van Gogh

DreamWorks Animated Movie ‘Home’ Shows Some Love for Van Gogh

The DreamWorks animated movie ‘Home’ is a touching story of love, loss, acceptance, and friendship that focuses on the adventures of an alien named Oh who is seeking redemption and a girl named Tip who is searching for her mother. In the film’s first weekend of showings, the movie earned over $54 million domestically making […]

Spain’s Only Michelangelo Lives Once More | Museo del Prado

Spain’s Only Michelangelo Lives Once More

Young Saint John the Baptist (1495-96) by Michelangelo sat on view in the Chapel of the Savior of Úbeda, in Andalusia, since it was first put on display in the 16th century. Then came the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, in which the sculpture was hammered to pieces and burnt. Thought to be unfixable, the […]

picasso's electrician

Another Picasso “Gift” Confiscated

On the heels of the recent French court ruling that found Picasso’s electrician guilty of stealing more than 60 million euros of artwork from him during the later years of his life that the electrician claimed was given to him as a gift from Picasso, comes news of another falsely owned Picasso artwork.  A retired Italian […]

Happy Birthday Goya, The Master of Old and New

Happy Birthday Goya, The Master of Old and New

Happy Birthday Goya, The Master of Old and New A master on the edge of two worlds, old and modern, Francisco Goya was admired for his realistic portraits, romanticism, and later in life his darkness. He was a complicated man who wanted nothing more than to express himself and was able to accomplish that at the […]

Happy Birthday Van Gogh | Masterworks Fine Art Gallery

Happy Birthday Van Gogh!

Happy Birthday Van Gogh! Born on March 30, 1853, Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential artists ever, although he received little appreciation during his life time. Embodying the myth of the tortured artist, Van Gogh’s paintings are remembered for their expressive use of line and coloration. How we view his artwork is often […]

The Genius of Van Gogh | A Reflection on the Famous Artist

The Genius of Van Gogh

The Genius of Van Gogh A tortured soul, Vincent van Gogh was a unique artist who worked with a sense of urgency which often caused him a great deal of stress. Largely self-taught, van Gogh started his career copying prints and reading nineteenth-century drawing manuals and books. With his signature technique growing out of the […]

Kunstmuseum Collection at the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum

Kunstmuseum Collection at the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum

With the Kunstmuseum in Switzerland currently closed due to renovations, they have traveled 150 of their most impressive artworks to the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum in Spain. The artworks from the Kunstmuseum collection will be on display for 180 days and include works by Picasso, Warhol, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Giacometti, Monet, Klee, Gauguin, Rothko, […]

Picasso Heirs Win in French Court | Masterworks Fine Art

Picasso Heirs Win in French Court

In a case that has garnered attention since it first came to light over a year ago, Pablo Picasso’s electrician, Pierre Le Guennec and his wife, Danielle have been ordered by a French court to return over 271 artworks to Picasso’s heirs. Unknown to the public for decades, the works have an estimated worth of […]

The Artist's studio

The Artists Studio

Gagosian Gallery is currently showing an exhibition titled In the Studio: Paintings from February 17 – April 18, 2015 that explores the subject of the artist’s studio in works of art. It includes over 50 paintings and works on paper by nearly 40 artists that includes Wilhelm Bendz, Honoré Daumier, Thomas Eakins, Lucian Freud, Jean-Léon […]

The Growth of the Online Art Market | Masterworks Fine Art

The Growth of the Online Art Market

The TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) Art Market Report, delivered by Dr. Clare McAndrew of Arts Economics, is considered the authority on data relating to auctions, art fairs, and market trends. With the recent release of the 2015 TEFAF art market report, the growth of the online art market is estimated to have reached […]

Uncle Andy: Crowdfunding for Andy Warhol Movie

“Uncle Andy”: Crowdfunding for Andy Warhol Movie

Members of Andy Warhol’s family want to make a feature-length film consisting of Warhol’s relations reminiscing about him provisionally titled Uncle Andy. Subtitling their project “The Andy Warhol Family Film”, the two filmmakers – Abby Warhola, the artist’s great-niece, and her partner Jesse Best – said it would look behind the public face of the […]

LA Art Show 2015

The European Fine Art Fair Art Market Report Declares Market at Best Ever

The TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) Art Market Report, delivered by Dr. Clare McAndrew of Arts Economics, is considered the authority on data relating to auctions, art fairs, and market trends. As it reported in it’s 2015 release, the world art market surpassed $53 billion in sales for 2014. Inside the report there are […]

Artexpo New York

Artexpo New York 2015

This year marks Artexpo New York’s 37th year bringing Galleries, Publishers, Designers and Collectors to one of the worlds largest markets. This year the show will be exhibiting over 400 artists with an estimated 25,000 art enthusiasts visiting. A spectacular event, Artexpo New York is show that should not be missed! Masterworks Fine Art Gallery […]

Cezanne and Miró Make Waves in the Market

Cezanne and Miró Make Waves in the Market

Several of diverse artists that Masterworks Fine Art features sold well at auction this past week, creating an interesting momentum in the market for surrealist and impressionist works.  Vue sur l’Estaque et le Château d’If (1883-1885), rare among Cezanne works due to its vertical-format landscape, sold for $20.5 million at a London auction yesterday, making […]

Michelangelo, 540 years of Inspiration

Michelangelo, 540 years of Inspiration

An Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance, Michelangelo is a legend. Born 540 years ago today, he is a man of mystery. Not much is known of his adult personal life and towards the end he destroyed many of his sketches, as he did not want people to know how […]

Cézanne Drawings Rediscovered at Barnes Foundation

Cézanne Drawings Rediscovered at Barnes Foundation

When sending art to the conservator one never knows what will appear and such was the case with the Barnes Foundation. Upon sending two of their watercolors by Paul Cézanne, Chaîne de l’Étoile Mountains (1885-86) and Trees (c.1900), out to be conserved it was revealed that Cezanne sketched drawings on the back of each work. […]

Frank Stella’s Year to Shine: Retrospective and New Works

Frank Stella’s Year to Shine

Frank Stella’s Year to Shine As one of the most revered American artists, Frank Stella is well known for his unique minimalist and post-abstract paintings in bright colors, which create vivid optical illusions. Popular and loved throughout the world, this year he makes quite a statement with a retrospective and new artwork. Currently showing at […]

A Very Happy Birthday to Renoir, An Impressionist Master, February 25th

A Very Happy Birthday to Renoir, An Impressionist Master, February 25th

A Very Happy Birthday to Renoir, An Impressionist Master, February 25th Much is written and available about Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the most influential Impressionist artists of the 20th century. Thus in honor of his 174th birthday, instead of writing about his achievements and art, presented instead is a list of some interesting and little […]

Paul Gauguin at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel

Paul Gauguin at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel

From 8 February to 28 June 2015, the Fondation Beyeler in Basel will stage the biggest Paul Gauguin special exhibition in half a century. No museum in the world is exclusively devoted to Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) making this retrospective of around 50 works gathered from museums and private collections in 13 countries one of the […]

Palm Beach Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show 2015

Palm Beach Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show 2015

The Palm Beach Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show is the areas most anticipated event this year making a spectacular splash of renowned Art Galleries, Finest Antique dealers and Jewelers. The show will bring over 100 acclaimed galleries with each exhibiting their nicest museum collection. Masterworks Fine Art Gallery will be showcasing a curated selection of works by 20th century Modern […]

America's Artist: Norman Rockwell Happy Birthday!

America’s Artist: Norman Rockwell Happy Birthday!

Norman Rockwell was  born on February 3rd 1894. Known as America’s illustrator and painter in the 20th century, no one captured the hearts and minds of everyday Americans quite like Norman Rockwell. Hired as an art director for Boys’ Life magazine at age nineteen, Rockwell was motivated and talented from an early age with his […]

Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show 2015

Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show 2015

  The Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show is one of the most anticipated events of the season will make its annual return to the Naples exhibition center. The show will feature a stunning collection from more than 60 internationally acclaimed exhibitors. The show space features 50,000 square feet to display some of the finest art, antiques and jewelry. Masterworks […]

louvre museum

Louvre is Most Visited Museum Once Again

With more than half their visitors being under the age of 30, the Louvre in France received over 9.3 million visitors last year. This makes the institution once again, the most visited museum in the world. Foreign visitors represented 70 percent of ticket sales, with Americans, Chinese, Italians, British and Brazilians being the most dominate, […]

Rare Picasso’s to come onto the Market Thanks to Marina Picasso

Rare Picasso’s to come onto the Market

Picasso, “Portrait de femme” 1923. Oil on Canvas A selection of Pablo Picasso’s works worth over $290 million owned by Marina Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, will be sold privately through these coming months bringing about a frenzy of interest in both Picasso’s history and his oeuvre. Works said to be available date from 1905 through […]

LA Art Show 2015

LA Art Show 2015

TICKETS: Contact us for complimentary tickets for the Opening Night Preview and Regular Day tickets. Contact us for free guest passes! The LA Art Show is the premiere art fair that opens the art buying season, bringing together the worlds best galleries, antique dealers and most prominent jewelers. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from […]

Musee Matisse

Celebrating Henri Matisse and his Beloved Sculpture

Matisse is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and every year on his birthday he is celebrated around the world. A visionary, his use of expressive language in color and form is renowned throughout his paintings, printmaking, drawings, collages, and sculpture. His sculpture in particular, is perhaps his most fascinating to view […]

Market Watch: Old Masters on Top | Masterworks Fine Art

Market Watch: Old Masters on Top

Just in time for the holiday season, Old Masters are back on top of the market making over $124 million at auction last week. Christie’s totaled $21.8 million, while Sotheby’s Old Master and British paintings sale came in at $84.4 million. With top lots being van Dyck’s portrait of the composer Hendrik Liberti which sold […]

“Une seconde vie”: Henri Matisse's Cut-Outs | Masterworks

“Une seconde vie”: Henri Matisse’s Cut-Outs

The Museum of Modern Art is currently hosting an exhibition titled “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” which explores Matisse’s artistic turn in the 1940’s to cut paper as his primary medium. This radical new creation came to be known as a cut-out, and how it works is Matisse would cut painted sheets into forms of varying […]

edvard munch

The Tragic Beauty of Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch, “Self Portrait,” 1896 Edvard Munch’s artwork captivates the soul, staring straight into the humanity of love, loss, and peaceful life experiences. As we celebrate his 151th birthday today we not only celebrate the legacy of his art but his life: tragically inspiring. Munch’s artwork is known as being incredibly personal and he suffered […]

Helen Frankenthaler : The Woman of Postwar American Painting

Helen Frankenthaler : The Woman of Postwar American Painting

Helen Frankenthaler is one of the most important and influential American abstract expressionist painters, being a major contributor to the history of postwar American painting with the development of a method of painting best known as Color Field. As we celebrate her birthday today, the fascinating aspect of her artwork is that her style is […]

Celebrating Kandinsky's 148th Birthday

Celebrating Kandinsky’s 148th Birthday

Kandinsky is respected throughout the art world and credited with painting the first purely abstract works. However a large part of his success is that Kandinsky had a very special gift called synaesthesia cognate, which gave him the ability to hear colors and see sounds. He had a fascinating journey, being born in Moscow and […]

Hundertwasser, A True Artistic Spirit | December Birthday

Hundertwasser, A True Artistic Spirit

Hundertwasser, A True Artistic Spirit Friedensreich Hundertwasser would have been 86 years old today, had he still been alive to celebrate his birthday, but his art continually celebrates him everyday. A master of many crafts from art to architecture to clothes to stamps, he had a clear vision, and that was to express his belief […]

Packing Tips

Helpful Tips for Packing Two Dimensional Framed Art

Helpful Packing Tips for Two Dimensional Framed Art There could be many reasons you need to pack your own art. You are moving into a new home, shipping the work out as a gift, or simply putting the work in storage. Whatever the reason, there are a number of disasters that can occur from the […]

Post-Impressionism and Modernism

Post-Impressionism and Modernism Explained

Post-impressionism and modernism are two categories of art that are constantly under discussion in the art world as they are loosely defined. Artists seem to be interchangeable in the classifications depending on the auction house or gallery which makes it confusing to understand where they fit in the broader context of art history. All of […]

I and the Village

“I and the Village” (1911), Chagall’s Unique Take on Cubism

Painted the year after Marc Chagall came to Paris, I and the Village (1911) is one of Chagall’s earliest surviving works. A reflection of his dreams and memories from his childhood growing up Hasidic in Vitebsk, Russia, the work is a reflection of his longing for home and an attempt to fit in artistically with […]


The FIFA Controversy Surrounding a Picasso

The long embattled Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is taking another hit to their reputation as the revelations of a British report into the FIFA bidding process for the 2018 soccer World Cup was exposed in the Sunday Times. Painting FIFA in a rather unflattering light, the report alleges that Michel Platini, the executive […]

The Background of Picasso’s " Guernica " (1937)

The Background of Picasso’s “Guernica” (1937)

One of Pablo Picasso’s most famous political works, Guernica (1937) was Picasso’s reaction to the bombing of the Basque town Guernica by German and Italian warplanes during the Spanish Civil War in 1937 which was a fight for power between the Republicans, who were loyal to the democratically elected Spanish Republic, and the Nationalists, a […]

Plate Signature, An Explanation

Plate Signature, An Explanation

Printmaking is a vast form of art that encompasses lithography such as collotype, offset lithography, cliché-verre, and chine collé; intaglio printing such as engraving, drypoint, etching, soft-ground etching, aquatint, carborundum, mezzotint, and photogravure; relief printing such as woodcut, wood engraving, linoleum cut, and monotype; and screenprinting. Each technique differs in plates, materials, and methods used […]

Sister Corita Kent, The Female Pop Artist with a Spiritual Message

Sister Corita Kent, The Female Pop Artist with a Spiritual Message

Pop art was a genre mainly dominated men in the art world in the 70’s, but Corita Kent or Sister Mary Corita Kent as she was also known, challenged that norm and the dominating message of consumerism. An American Catholic nun, educator, and artist, her works instead held spiritual messages of hope, love, and peace. […]

Celebrating Magritte on his 116th Birthday

Celebrating Magritte on his 116th Birthday

A famous artist during his lifetime who preferred the quiet anonymity of a middle-class existence, Rene Magritte embodied his art. Born November 21, 1898 in Belgium, today we celebrate his 116th birthday and rich legacy. From humble beginnings as a commercial artist, producing advertising and book designs, Magritte grew into one of the most celebrated […]

Chagall and Picasso

Chagall and Picasso, A Friendship that Wasn’t Meant to Be

As two of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall were contemporaries and one-time friends. Their art couldn’t have been more different as Picasso leaned towards cubism while Chagall embraced romanticism. But their similar life experiences and successes made them the perfect companions as well as provided the catalyst for […]

Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

The New Exhibition @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz in San Francisco, California

Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist and activist, is a persecuted man constantly on the edge of imprisonment which makes his most recent installment called @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz very intriguing. Organized by the San Francisco–based nonprofit FOR-SITE Foundation in partnership with the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, @Large: Ai […]

andy warhol diamond dust

Diamond Dust: Shining Bright with Artists

Diamond dust is a glittering material that can be applied to paper and ink in the silkscreen printing process to create a textured and luminous finish. Many artists such as Andy Warhol and Russell Young use the famed diamond dust cover in their works to give them an added sense of significance and depth respectively. […]

Birthday to Picasso

A Happy 133rd Birthday to Picasso

A Happy 133rd Birthday to Picasso! 133 years have passed today since Pablo Picasso was born on October 25th in Málaga, Spain. The nearly century and a half since his birth has been filled with amazing artists. However none have left such an impact on not only the art world but on civilization as a […]

Rembrandt’s prints

Rembrandt, the Original “Selfie” Master

Fall television season is upon us and a new show called Selfie premiered that focuses on societies social media self-obsession in the digital age. It is an interesting topic to tackle in any form and many modern artists have attracted large crowds with their performance art shows and exhibitions addressing the issue. However no one […]

Previously Unknown Monet Discovered | Masterworks Fine Art

Previously Unknown Monet Discovered

Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Hildebrand Gurlitt, one of four dealers allowed under the Nazis to buy and sell the modern, or “degenerate,” art, made headlines in 2012 when it was discovered that he had hidden 1,280 paintings, drawings and sketches — believed to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars — in his Munich […]

Football is Back! A Celebration with an Art Analogy

Football is Back! A Celebration with an Art Analogy

American football season has officially begun and we here at Masterworks love our art and enjoy our NFL. Everybody has a favorite team that they prefer based on their output and personal attachments, much like everybody has a favorite artist they prefer for those same reasons, which is why it’s interesting to make the comparison […]

Madoura pottery

Picasso’s Beloved Ceramics Studio in Danger

Madoura Pottery in the town of Vallauris in Southern France is just as Picasso left it 60 years ago, including the furniture, tables tools, and brushes. But the facility itself is threatened with collapse. According to the Journal du Dimanche, this humble Mediterranean pottery studio has “remained in its juice since the passage of Picasso” […]

Andy Warhol: Into the Future | Warhol's Forgotten Digital Artworks

Andy Warhol: Into the Future

Andy Warhol was a pioneer by many standards due to his love of experimentation. This past week Warhol’s experimentation took an interesting turn as it was revealed he created digital artworks, which were released for the first time in over 25 years. Among the rediscovered artworks are Campbell’s Soup cans, self portraits, bananas, Marilyn Monroe, […]

Buying from Masterworks

Masterworks Fine Art Gallery featured on the Huffington Post News

We here at Masterworks Fine Art would like to share great news with you. Our gallery was featured in an article written by Huffington Post contributor Bruce Helander. A 2014 inductee to the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, Mr. Helander was a Former Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Art Economist’ as well as a White House Fellow […]

Chicago International Art, Antique, & Jewelry Show 2014

Chicago International Art, Antique, & Jewelry Show 2014

Chicago International Art, Antique, and Jewelry Show, one of the most anticipated events of the season will make its annual return to the Navy Pier, Festival Hall A, April 24-28, 2014. With over 100 international dealers, the 2014 show will boast an enviable selection of art, antiques and jewelry and will draw tens of thousands […]

Pablo Picasso's Ceramic Owls

Pablo Picasso’s Ceramic Owls

It is no secret that Picasso had a fondness for owls. They make appearances in every medium that the artist touched. Just as the artist surrounded himself with his most infamous inspiration, women, he did so with his feathered friends, even adopting a small injured owl that he kept in his studio. A favorite theme […]

this is not a pipe magritte

Magritte, this is Not….

A man of deception and form, Magritte excelled at depicting his subconscious. His art is witty, thought provoking, and risqué but perhaps most are not aware of his time spent away from Surrealism for which he is most well-known. Magritte described his own works as “visible images which conceal nothing; they evoke mystery and, indeed, […]

Picasso’s Lithographs

Beyond the Canvas: Pablo Picasso’s Lithographs

Lithographs are a special medium all their own in the art world. Referenced as many different names depending on the specialist, there is no denying the pull they had on major 20th century artists such as Chagall, Matisse, Monet, Miró and Picasso. Seen as a new form of experimentation and expression, the lithograph played an […]

De Chirico Authentication Board

The De Chirico Authentication Board, Starting to Crack?

Much along the lines of the Andy Warhol Foundation, which used to authenticate works by Warhol until legal troubles became an issue, the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation which currently authenticates works by De Chirico is finding itself in the same hot water although under different, very interesting circumstances. As is discussed in the […]

art market

Art Market Happenings

Right now, the art market is in a continual global boom. Competition is fierce among sellers and buyers for quality works which means auction houses, galleries and dealers are all offering great investments for great prices which means you as the collector are benefiting. This can be seen in recent releases of art market indexes […]


Printmaking: Alive and Well

Fate threw Tatyana Grosman and her husband a bone when, in 1957, they happened to discover two lithographic stones in the front yard of their home in Long Island.  This unexpected discovery catapulted the Grosmans to printing and publishing acclaim and paved the way for the foundation of the United Limited Art Editions (ULAE). In […]

Musee Matisse

The Musee Matisse

Located in le Cateau-Cambrésis, the Musée Matisse houses the third largest collection of Henri Matisse’s work in France. Matisse was born and raised in le Cateau- Cambrésis, and it was here that he first began to explore his artistic potential.  While we often associate Matisse’s bold use of color and light with the warmth of […]


Craft’s Acceptance and Celebration in the Fine Arts

The introduction of craft into the world of Fine Art with a capital A is hardly a brand new concept. For centuries, the World’s Fairs have showcased visual culture from regions that didn’t fit into the standards of Western ideals, albeit the earlier results may have been not the most culturally sensitive. As the Modern […]

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer Superstar

As the pioneer of the Northern European Renaissance, Albrecht Dürer is one of art’s greatest “superstars.” From March 24, 2013 to June 9, 2013, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. is honoring this talented Old Master with an exhibition entitled “Albrecht Dürer: Master Drawings, Watercolors, and Prints from the Albertina.” Highlighting Dürer’s works […]

Le Reve

The Value of Pablo Picasso’s “Le Reve”

Le Reve, 1932 by Pablo Picasso has had quite the adventure since its creation. Created in 1932 by Picasso, this work was originally part of the collection of Victor and Sally Ganz who purchased the work in 1941 for $7,000. Put up for auction by the family in 1997, this work sold for $48 million […]

Agnes Gund

Studio in a School: Filling the Artistic Void in New York Public Schools

Thanks to New York philanthropist, art patron, and art collector Agnes Gund,  art now plays a prominent role in the education of New York’s youth. After reading an article on the lack of art programs in NYC public schools due to drastic budget cuts, Gund decided to fill this artistic void by founding an arts […]

Pablo Picasso’s Wonderful Obsession with Pottery

The Beauty in the Fiery Beast: Pablo Picasso’s Wonderful Obsession with Pottery

The Beauty in the Fiery Beast: Pablo Picasso’s Wonderful Obsession with Pottery What makes owning a Picasso ceramic so enticing? Why are they in such demand?  To understand the Picasso ceramics story, one must go back to the beginning, to the summer of 1946, when the artist was staying in the south of France and […]

picasso ceramics

Pablo Picasso Ceramics: Rising Stars of the Art Market

Picasso Ceramics. Two words that are causing buyers and sellers in this ever evolving art market to be incredibly pleased. Rising in demand the past few years, the Picasso ceramic market is one of the strongest out there. For evidence simply look at Christie’s two-day auction of Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection that occurred in […]

Old masters

Old Masters Continue to Master the Market

Old Master week this past January in New York saw record setting sells from multiple auction houses.  Fra Bartolommeo’s tondo of the Madonna and Child sold for $13 million, Thomas Gainsborough’s pastel Portrait of Caroline, 4th Duchess of Marlborough sold for $2.4 million, an artist record was set for Claude Lorrain when A wooded landscape […]

love in art

Valentine’s Day: the Pleasure of Viewing Love in Art

With Valentine’s Day this week, the concept of love in art work is more prevalent than any other time of year. Ken Johnson, art critic for New York Times, provided an editorial musing about the themes of love he found in art around New York City including Metropolitan Museum of Art , and the Whitney Museum. From “Sleeping Eros” sculpture […]

Family Feud

Family Feud: Who can authenticate a work by Pablo Picasso?

Family Feud: Who can authenticate a work by Pablo Picasso? In “Authenticating Picasso,” ARTnews journalist George Stolz brings to light new authentication procedures for Picasso’s works. Stolz takes us back to September 2012 when four of Pablo Picasso’s five living heirs, Claude Picasso, Paloma Picasso, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, and Marina Ruiz-Picasso, dispersed a letter proclaiming a […]


The Muse: Artists and their Inspirations

A look into the human inspiration of famous artists is hardly revealing as their personal affections and desires are effortlessly translated into their art. There are no hidden feelings Picasso does not express for his multiple muses and lovers, no voluptuous bodies Matisse and Toulouse-Lautrec do not portray without a longing desire, and no lack […]

luxury item

Art as Luxury Items: The Demise of ‘L’art pour l’art?’

In this day and age, art is more of a luxury item than ever.  In a recent article in The Art Newspaper entitled ‘Can their love last forever?’ writer Charlotte Burns comments on the inextricable link between the art world and luxury brands.  Throughout the ages, art has accompanied the wealthy and the powerful.  From […]

Art Education

Turning Around Schools Through Art Education

In an event hosted by the Pace Gallery in Chelsea, New York on Monday December 17, a group of 7th and 8th graders from Roosevelt School in Connecticut had the unique privilege of meeting the renowned artist Chuck Close in person. Close offered these students a private tour of his show, providing insight into his […]


The Gemäldegalerie: Out with the Old and in with the Modern?

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation has ignited an uproar in Berlin over its proposed relocation of famed Old Master works currently at the Gemäldegalerie.  The Gemäldegalerie houses one of the world’s most prized collections of European art from the 13th – 18th century, including works by famed masters such as Rembrandt, Dürer, Van Eyck, Raphael, Caravaggio, Vermeer, […]


Pablo Picasso, the forge & the kiln: the art of partnership

Pablo Picasso, the forge & the kiln: the art of partnership Picasso’s relationship with Egidio Costantini echoes his partnership with Suzanne and Georges Ramié, of the Madoura Pottery in Vallauris, France. The two men initially met in the small French town in 1954, though their working relationship would begin a few years later when Peggy Guggenheim […]


The Magnificent Tapestry: A Neglected Art Form

Tapestries were once one of the most highly prized mediums, with Raphael being paid five times more for the tapestries he designed to adorn the walls of the Sistine Chapel than Michelangelo received for his contribution to the ceiling. Masterful artists wove silk, wool, gold, and silver threads glorifying military triumphs, tales, and worldly domains. […]

Celebrating Magritte on his 116th Birthday

All hail the comeback kid: surrealism

MoMA is doing things first, as usual. This month, the Museum of Modern Art, New York opens the first major museum exhibition to explore the early years of René Magritte’s unique brand of Surrealism. Salvador Dalí has also been granted his own one-man show at the Pompidou Center, Paris, opening in November. The institutional bustle […]

Optical Art

The Woman Who Launched an Optical Art

Buried just last week at the Montparnasse Cemetary, Paris, gallerist Denise René will be remembered as the woman who launched the careers of such artists as Victor Vasarely and Piet Mondrian. The Pope of Abstraction never wavered from her initial investment in optical and abstract art. “Beauty is a battle,” states the short text on […]

Marc Chagall and Charles Sorlier

Marc Chagall and Charles Sorlier: Printmaking’s Dream Team

Chagall’s fascination with lithography came later in his life, as he was 63 years old when he began to study with printmaker Charles Sorlier in 1950.  Sorlier became his creative collaborator and master printmaker, assisting him in the Mourlot atelier.  At this time, Chagall was already a famous artist, yet he worked hard to master […]


The Many Faces of Queen Elizabeth II

In honor of London, the host of the 2012 Olympic Games, we would like to take a moment to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II and her relevance to the history of art.  Perhaps one of the most famous and widespread artistic subjects of all time, Queen Elizabeth II’s likeness has been captured by a multitude of […]

Women in the Art World

Women in the Art World: Personal vs. Professional Fulfillment

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s recent article in The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” has kicked off a debate regarding her decree that present societal conditions make having both a satisfying work life and raising a family impossible and that the feminist dream to “have it all” is simply not possible. ARTINFO, in response to […]

old master

Old Master Madness

Master Paintings Week is entering its twelfth season in London from June 29 to July 6 and the demand for Old Masters couldn’t be higher. Sure the Old Master market isn’t as flashy as the Modern Art market, but it produces a high percentage in the global art market, one whose value has doubled in […]

Chagall Lithographs

Chagall’s Coveted Color Lithographs

Marc Chagall, an artist who defies convention and whose style resists neat labels, created over 1,100 hand-signed color lithographs that are today as coveted as his paintings. Such Chagall lithographs as Carmen and The Magic Flute are symphonies in color that command hefty prices at auction. A master engraver seen as Rembrandt’s legitimate heir in […]

picasso lithographs

Masters of Printmaking: Pablo Picasso and His Original Lithographs

There is no denying that Pablo Picasso (Malaga, 1881 – Mougins, 1973) is the greatest artist of the 20th century. Loved and admired around the world, Picasso’s artworks are a symbol of creativity and ingenuity.  Ranging from paintings, ceramics, glass, lithography, linocuts and etchings, everything Picasso created from Cubism to Modern Art inspired and influenced […]

Cultural Olympiad to accompany the London Olympics

For those of you who aren’t into sports so much, there will still be plenty to do this summer in London outside of the Olympics. Ruth Mackenzie, formerly head of the Scottish Opera and the Manchester International Festival, has a new project on her hands. Her Cultural Olympiad, running June 21st through September 9th, will […]

Cultural Heritage

New Ways of Protecting Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is unique and irreplaceable, which places the responsibility of preservation on the current generation. Whether it is art or monuments, tangible heritage is always at risk and nowhere is this seen to be truer than in Iraq (technically Afghanistan as well but that’s for another blog). Many are aware of the recent history of […]

“Trophy Hunters”

Spring Auctions Powered by “Trophy Hunters”

The auction season thus far has been truly exceptional. Record breaking sales and artist records are being made all over the place at Christie’s and Sotheby’s due to the rarity of the works being offered and those buyers who covet them. “Super-trophies” are what these rare works with strong provenance are known as, and the […]


Memories of Hundertwasser House, Vienna

Although it was cold and blustery during my visit to Hundertwasserhaus a few years ago, these increasingly summery days remind me of this particular “house in harmony with nature.” The multi-colored apartment building stands out in my mind, in front of some schnitzel gone bad (don’t ask) and an evening viewing art in the Museumsquartier, […]

nazi art

Secret Nazi Art Horde: Intentions of a Treasure Hunter

The greatest theft of art in 20th century history was the theft carried out by Nazi Germany, beginning in 1933 and lasting until the end of World War II. Shrouded in secrecy, the Nazis launched a methodical and well-conceived campaign to confiscate and loot Europe of its most valuable art treasures. In this continual drama, […]

Michael Hammer

Where in the world is Michael Hammer?

PIERRE LAGRANGE WANTS TO KNOW Pierre Lagrange is upset and no one can blame him. Untitled 1950, a painting ostensibly created by Jackson Pollock is proving impossible to sell, much less return or authenticate. It would help if Knoedler & Co. Gallery, where he bought the work in 2007 for $17 million, were still open […]

Berthe Morisot

Berthe Morisot Revived

For the first time in over 70 years, Berthe Morisot, the major female figure of the Impressionist movement, has her own retrospective show at the Musée Marmottan Monet in France.  The collection will exhibit paintings, pastels, sketches, furnishings, and personal documents that tell the story of Morisot’s exceptional career. As an adored muse of the […]

Mona Lisa

A Pleasant Surprise: Earliest Copy of Mona Lisa Discovered in Prado

The earliest known copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous masterpiece Mona Lisa has been discovered by conservators at the Prado in Madrid.  Experts believe that this copy, originally hidden beneath black overpaint, was painted in Leonardo’s studio by one of his pupils alongside Master da Vinci himself.  The two key authorities at both the Louvre […]


Trouble for Sotheby’s?

The CtW Investment Group, an adviser to many union-sponsored pension funds (including the still-locked-out Sotheby’s art handlers) sent out a public notice to shareholders through the Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing the Sotheby’s board of favoritism and an unchanged internal structure since going public. The filing notes that four of the last six board members elected were nominated by […]

Gardner Art Heist

Gardner Art Heist: Could the Mystery be over?

Gardner Art Heist: Could the Mystery be over? The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston experienced one of the most famous American art heists in recent memory that has yet to be solved. In 1990, two men dressed as Boston police officers made off with 13 masterworks: three Rembrandts, a Vermeer, a Flinck, five Degas […]

Hong Kong-Boat

The Rise of Hong Kong in the International Art Scene

Hong Kong is a bustling city of skyscrapers and commercial excess. It has long been known as a center of trade and finance, not as a Chinese cultural destination like Beijing or Singapore. However, as many articles explain these days, that image is quickly changing as an influx of international art ventures is helping Chinese […]

Artistic Appropriation

Legality in Artistic Appropriation: Copy Right or Copy Wrong?

In today’s technology saturated world, the question of artistic ownership is arising time and time again. With the Internet, social media, television, video games and countless other digital mediums readily accessible with the touch of a button, the resources available to artists in this day and age are seemingly never-ending. Now, more than ever, the […]

Dürer Self-portrait

Dürer lovers and soccer fans…who knew?

When Albrecht Dürer painted Self-portrait (1500), he probably never envisioned a stadium full of soccer fans joining a public – and heated – debate over its display. Then again, maybe the 28-year-old artist didn’t know he would become an icon for his state of Franconia (now part of Bavaria). “Dürer back to his city!” read […]

3-D Printing

3-D Printing: The Way of the Future?

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing or rapid prototyping, is a technique that operates by “building an object layer by individual layer in a single process. Some 3-D printers pipe melted plastic through a nozzle in a process called fused deposition modeling (FDM); higher-tech methods, like stereolithography (SLA) run lasers through a vat of […]


Score one for the Holocaust-era restitution team

The human cost of the Holocaust is recorded in our collective conscious and in the history books, but the material cost may not be quite so fixed or readily apparent. A reminder of this is a high profile restitution case involving a painting by Brescian master Girolamo Romanino (ca. 1484/8 –ca. 1560) and the grandchildren […]

Eye on the market

STOP! News Time: Art Market

B-levels are the new A-levels, if not in the realm of United Kingdom academic tests, than at least in the art world. That’s to say, gone are the days when February auctions of Impressionist, modern and contemporary art evoke nothing more than a wrinkled nose of interest.

Influence of Picasso

Tate Britain: New Exhibition Offers a Fresh Perspective on the Influence of Picasso

Pablo Picasso is known as the greatest artist of the 20th century. His staggering output of more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculptures, and photographs, gave him an exposure unprecedented for a living artist. Combine that with the fact that he created cubism (with Georges Braque), invented collage, and painted an art masterpiece (“Guernica”), […]

Resilience of the Art Market

The Resilience of the Art Market

Artprice recorded that last year, 2011, was the best ever for the sales of art at auction. With 10.7 billion dollars in earnings for 2011, artists such as Picasso, Degas, Zhang, and Warhol helped make 2011 a stand our year for art. When compared to 2010’s total of 9.5 billion dollars, it is easy to […]

politicizing art

The Arab Spring: politicizing art in the streets

Everyone knows art is political. LA-based artist Shepard Fairey’s red, white and blue portrait of Obama, inscribed with the word ‘HOPE’, quickly became the visual battle call of the 2008 campaign. Equally memorable is the 2010 controversy over “A Fire in my Belly,” a silent film by activist and artist David Wojnarowicz; the Secretary of […]


The Value of Henry Moore

  Henry Moore is one of the most iconographic artists of the 20th century. His works in sculpture, bronze, Rosenthal Porcelain, and on paper are well known for the fluidity of line work that is abstract and detailed. His works effortlessly draw out the viewer’s feelings of compassion, interest, and wonder and thus it is […]


Authencity: The dangers of giving (or not) an opinion

In a thriving art market where works have been selling at high prices at auction (note the $199.8 total for a Modern and Contemporary Sale held last month at Sotheby’s), where blockbuster shows witness ticket hawking and long lines (the London National Gallery’s “Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” comes to mind), […]


The Andy Warhol Foundation: What Will Happen to Warhol?

The Andy Warhol Foundation has developed a rather convoluted reputation in their quest to catalog and certify the vast collection of over 100,000 (across all media) works that Warhol created. The Foundation Board has made several controversial decisions regarding the authentication of specific prints and screen prints that have landed them with millions of dollars’ […]


Conservation in the 21st Century

Trolling the web for the latest art news, I stumbled upon a fascinating article on Wired. According to Mike Olson, an unlikely partnership with an even stranger toolbox has emerged to restore the frescoes at the Church of Santos Juanes in the Spanish city of Valencia, otherwise known as the birthplace of paella. Between the […]


Art Market Update

Sotheby’s and Christie’s Impressionist and Modern sales this past week provided for an interesting revitalization of the Impressionist and Modern art market. Christie’s tallied $149,773,500, while Sotheby’s tallied $199,804,500 in sales which are remarkable when compared to previous Impressionist and Modern sales. Both sales offered a variety of different works, but as an Artinfo article […]


The Ownerless Moore in Westminster

Though it could be worth up to £5 million, Henry Moore’s Knife Edge Two Piece isn’t being claimed by anyone. The three-ton sculpture, which was donated by the artist to his nation in 1967 and which he recorded as belonging to the City of London, actually resides in the City of Westminster; confusingly, it doesn’t […]

hanging art

The Art of Hanging Art

Hanging art is a delicate balance between you, the strength of your wall, and the valuable object you are about to place several feet above the ground. We’ve all experienced the moment of dread when we hear the crash after the work has fallen from the mounting on the wall and think to ourselves, “Great, […]

paper conservation

Introduction to Paper Conservation

Paper conservation is the preservation of a wide range of rare and valuable objects that are paper-based. The paper objects, due to their vulnerability, must be cared for properly to ensure their appreciation and value for decades to come. Such vulnerability comes from the chemical change that occurs through cellulose deterioration that is caused by […]

Calder Mobiles

The Creation of Calder Mobiles

Some could say Alexander Calder was born to design. His father, Alexander Stirling Calder, was a well-known sculptor who created many public installations, and Calder’s grandfather, sculptor Alexander Milne Calder is best-known for the colossal statue of William Penn on top of Philadelphia’s City Hall tower. Therefore, being surrounded by such creativity from a young […]


Watermarks and Rembrandts

When Masterworks Fine Art acquires an artwork, we undertake a program of research and identification. Old Masters prints, such as those by Rembrandt, require special attention because documentation can be limited, works often exist in multiple states, and posthumous prints made from plates still in existence are on the market. When researching a Rembrandt impression, […]

Caring for Your Ceramic Works

Caring for Your Ceramic Works of Art

You did it. You visited galleries, combed catalogues, searched the web, and purchased that ceramic by Léger or Picasso that you’ve been dreaming of for months now. Having discarded the bubble wrap and displayed the piece, you might feel your work is done. However, caring for your ceramic works is an ongoing process. To begin with, […]

Rembrandt’s prints

Rembrandt’s Prints: What a State

More than 15 studies of Rembrandt’s prints have been done since Parisian art dealer Edmé-François Gersaint compiled the first portfolio of the artist’s work in 1751, a number that underscores the challenge that his oeuvre continues to pose (White & Boon, v). These books provide essential information about each print; cross-referenced catalogue raisonné numbers identify each […]


Investing in Art in a Smoke-and-Mirrors Financial Market

The stock market is in marked decline and bonds are showing pitifully low returns. Interest rates are at a minimum, as low as .5% in some countries. Given that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco kicked off this recession in the first place, real estate has not been looking too attractive as a haven for liquid assets. […]

Pablo Picasso at the De Young

Pablo Picasso: From Paris to San Francisco

If you’re from Paris, walking the many galleries of the Picasso exhibition at the San Francisco de Young might be like going home again. If you’re from the Bay Area, “Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris” will transport you to the French capital. Either way, Pablo Picasso at the de Young will make those attending […]


Alexander Calder: Friendships with Leger and Miro

An artist’s friendship with another artist is often a sacred bond of admiration, influence, and inspiration. Despite the distances and visual mediums that may that separate them, each relationship leaves a lasting impact on the involved artists. One particular individual’s relationships with other artists has frequently been the topic of many exhibitions and books, and that […]

Context of Magritte

The Context of Magritte

The Context of Magritte As one of the most popular artists of the 20th century, Rene Magritte has been influential to many artists that range from John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Vija Celmins, Marcel Broodthaers, Jan Verdoodt, Martin Kippenberger and Storm Thorgerson. Some of these artists’ works integrate direct references to Magritte’s works, […]

American Artists

American Artists

In honor of July 4th, Masterworks Fine Art would like to present American artists that we feature in our gallery as they exemplify the ingenuity, integrity, and drive of America’s founding fathers who fought for independence and freedom. Alexander Calder, Jasper Johns, Sam Francis, Andy Warhol, and Deborah Butterfield are all American artists who have […]

London Calling

London Calling

Impressionist and Modern sales were held this week in London with strong results. Sotheby’s ended with $157,543,910 in sales and Christie’s ended at $227,111,142. The stars of both nights were artists we currently sell. Pablo Picasso’s “Couple le Baiser” went for $10,621,070 which is 18 times higher than its previously recorded auction in 1993. Meanwhile, […]

Art Basel: Indications to Come?

Art Basel: Indications to Come?

Art Basel is often described as the world’s top fair for modern and contemporary works and it opens June 15, 2011 with over 300 galleries displaying works for a combined total worth around $1.75 billion, according to specialist insurer Hiscox. Art Basel features galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. More than […]

Pablo Picasso's Legacy

Pablo Picasso – A wealth of material to influence artists

Many modern artists and collectors are introduced to Picasso through multiple mediums. In school one takes an art class here, a history class there and discovers his art and life. Through film, advertisements, and print media his art is used as a canvas for expression. His work is intricately woven into our lives through so […]

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Treating Art as Stock

There is an interesting topic taking hold in the art world that has people talking and it centers around the global trend of creating Art Investment Funds. These art funds allow for individuals to make long-term investments in a portfolio of valuable artworks. What this means is that an art investment company either a) buys […]

Art Market

Art Market Riding High

Now, is the perfect time to invest in art. The international market is booming with great returns, and here at Masterworks we want you to get the best from your investment. That is why we are laying out the best buying markets right now so you know the worth of your investment. Impressionist and Modern […]


Sonia Delaunay: On the Rise

Sonia Delaunay was born in Ukraine in 1885 and was adopted by her affluent Jewish lawyer uncle Henri Terk in 1890. She had a privileged upbringing and traveled Europe widely to various museums and galleries. At the age of 18 she was sent to an art school in Germany and in 1905 decided to move […]

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol: Still Selling Consistently High on the Art Market The talk of the art market these past weeks have all surrounded Andy Warhol, proving once again that you can never go wrong when investing in Warhol. Warhol’s works are still consistently selling at high prices, with over of 52 Warhol’s having gone and/or […]

Joan Miró: A Creative Life

Joan Miró: A Creative Life

Joan Miró: A Creative Life To most art lovers, a painting by Joan Miró is immediately recognizable. It displays botanical, geometric, abstract lines or shapes floating against celestial blue, sandy yellow or earth brown backgrounds. It also probably exudes a mystical, childlike yet reassuring dreamy quality, which is in fascinating juxtaposition to his personality. A […]

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso

Matisse and Picasso: A Respectful Rivalry

Competition. Rivalry. Respect. Admiration. Bandit. All of these words were once used by both Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso in recognition of one and other. In Matisse and Picasso: The Story of their Rivalry and Friendship by Jack Flam, their tumultuous relationship is examined and brilliantly told. Picasso was the first modern celebrity artist, unapologetic for […]

picasso and braque

Picasso and Braque: The Creation of Cubism

Braque was an introvert, and Picasso was an extrovert so by all accounts these two personalities should not have mixed. Both of them had different painting styles and work ethics, yet from 1908 to 1914 they were basically inseparable, forming a unique and everlasting partnership that created Cubism. Braque’s role is often underplayed as Picasso […]


Muses: The Women That Inspire

Artists have been moved for centuries by the beauty, grace, and body of the female. Their model, lover, or wife acted not only as their muses, but also as their collaborators. From influencing the subject matter to assisting in the creation process and production, women were at the center of the famous artists lives. Take […]

Mona Lisa and Picasso

Did you know Pablo Picasso was questioned for stealing the Mona Lisa?

  Mona Lisa and Picasso When the Mona Lisa disappeared from the Louvre in 1911, a friend of Picasso’s, Guillaume Apollinaire, was arrested first and ratted out Picasso for possessing stolen antiquities. Picasso was subsequently arrested and released because he had not stolen the Mona Lisa. However he was not completely innocent of a crime […]

original print

What is “original”?

A print is termed, “original” if the artist of the design has worked on the printing element himself, as opposed to reproductive and interpretative prints which involve the use of an intermediary person to reproduce the design onto the printing element. Original prints are often only produced in small numbers; they may be numbered and […]

museum archival framing

What is “museum archival framing”?

Museum archival framing refers to the strict use of materials and techniques that provide protection to framed works of art on paper. Paper is sensitive to its surroundings as it can be adversely affected by dampness, changes in temperature and humidity, restriction of movement, and exposure to light. Paper will also react to the materials […]


Japan: Art Community to the Rescue

The tragedy of the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan has shaken the art world. Many museums and art galleries are too damaged to enter due to the broken glass, smashed ceilings, and flooding. As evacuations and humanitarian relief continue, no plans have been made to repair or salvage many of the buildings or works […]

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Current State of the Art Market 2011 As the modern and contemporary art market continues into spring, confidence among buyers and sellers is increasing. Auctions in recent months have seen spectacular sales in modern and contemporary art. As an example, a recently rediscovered 6-by-6 foot Andy Warhol self-portrait doubled its pre-sale estimate to fetch $17.4 […]

Agam donation

Agam donation to Oakland Hebrew Day School

Agam donation to Oakland Hebrew Day School Understanding the chromatics of Rothko. Attempting the complex construction of the Tower of Babel. Art at Oakland Hebrew Day School isn’t just an activity, it is core to the curriculum. OHDS recently received a Yaakov Agam original limited edition, pencil signed, silk screen, created in 1979 to honor […]


An Interview with Alex Adelman

An Interview with Alex Adelman If you think it is scary walking into an art gallery and asking “how much is that Picasso in the window?”, consider how it feels going on eBay and seeing a Picasso for seventy-five thousand dollars only to look down two more items and find what appears to be the […]

LA Art Show 2015

The monetary market wavers, the art market soars

We have seen some of the most impressive hammer prices in the art market in recent weeks. Here are a few key sales. The BBC explains recent Christie’s London sales: A “blue period” Picasso has fetched £34.7m at auction in London. Christie’s says the event will be the biggest art auction ever held in London. […]


Running Sales Are a Good Thing for Both of Us

You may have noticed that we have been conducting several sales recently and you might be wondering why? How can they afford to? Well we’re going to let you in our not so private secret. Due to the art market gaining its confidence back, we are unable to buy in our usual ways. As challenging […]


Conservation and Collecting Art: The Role of the Conservationist

Works of art are subject to a variety of disfiguring ills, many of them caused by environmental and human effects. These ills can range from small tears, stains, to natural aging to the damage caused by fluctuations of temperature and light exposure. The inks and paints that the artist themselves use can contain acids as […]

The Vasarely Affair

On “The Vasarely Affair”

The following is a translated excerpt from the article, “The Vasarely Affair”. Featured in the February 2010 issue of L’Objet d’art magazine, this article was written by Monsieur François Duret-Robert, veteran art-world journalist, professor, specialist in art-world jurisprudence and expert on droit moral. It’s a family quarrel, but one that could deeply impact the image of […]

Fine art market

Fine Art Market Breaking Records Going Into 2010, by Alex Adelman

The fine art market has shown that it is strong enough to withstand the downturns of the current stock market, and this strength is showing very clearly in recent auction results. There has been more action in art sales in the last half of 2009 than I have seen in the past 4 or 5 […]


Alex Adelman, “Fine art for a fine cause”, 2003

Article written the November 2003 issue of Kensington Outlook in Berkeley, California. MIRO, MIRO ON THE WALL: Art dealer Alex Adelman of Masterworks Fine Art Inc. stands by the work of artist Joan Miro. Since 1998, donations of art to the Kensington Education Foundation from Adelman raised more than $45,000 for the programs at Kensington […]

Gallery's Success

January 2002: Gallery’s Success is Anything but Virtual

Article written January 2002 by DECOR Magazine. Alex Adelman’s path to being a gallery owner has been somewhat circuitous. Although he’s been a collector of fine art since he was 15, his studies led him not only to art history, and printmaking, but to anthropology and archaeology as well. Then in the late 1980’s, while […]

Intaglio Printer

World’s Foremost Intaglio Printer Dies at 77

Aldo Crommelynck, one of the world’s foremost intaglio printers, died in Paris on December 22, 2008, after a brief illness. He is survived by his adopted daughter, Corrine Buchet Crommelynck and his stepson, Jean Marie Buchet. His wife, Pep, passed away several years ago. A private funeral service was held in Paris. Born in 1931 […]


Certificates of Authenticity, Alex Adelman, & Masterworks Fine Art

In an effort to keep fine art collectors more informed of the ebbs and flows of the art market, and in particular, Masterworks Fine Art, Inc.’s role as one of the most qualified fine art dealers online, we wanted to pass along an extensive and highly informative article on the topic of prints, originality, Certificates […]

Los Angeles Art Show 2014

Some brief thoughts about art and the current market

Some brief thoughts about art and the current market… Most Impressionist and Modern Art sales in early February 2009 proved that art prices and its market remain strong. And, in a time of crisis, records can still be broken. Great works, strong images, and iconic works attested to be the most desirable and attained the […]

rembrandt etchings

Rembrandt etchings

Rembrandt, Woman Bathing, CE 1658 Serving as the forefather of the Dutch printmaking Renaissance, Rembrandt van Rijn is many art collectors favorite Old Master. More widely known for his stunning, and now priceless, paintings that are featured in museums all over the world, Rembrandt’s etchings and engravings are highly underrated. They are a true testament […]

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art vs. Auction Houses

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art vs. Auction Houses This section is meant to contrast auction house statements of authenticity and condition and compare them to Masterworks Fine Art’s terms and conditions of same. The statements extracted from the website or catalogues of the auction houses listed below are direct quotes. These have been extracted from […]

Buying from Masterworks

Buying from Masterworks vs. Other Galleries

Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. The answer is fairly simple economics: with Masterworks Fine Art, Inc., you’re dealing with a private dealer that doesn’t have the typical overheads of a retail gallery. Retail gallery operations average about $500k/month in overhead costs – these costs must be factored into the price of the art that the gallery […]

buying fine art

Tips for Buying Fine Art

With a rapidly changing economy it has become increasingly evident that many people are turning to different kinds of tangible assets as a hedge against both inflation and recession. In my 35 years of experience collecting, buying, and selling original works of fine art, I have found the art market to be far more stable […]

Art Market

Buying Art in Times of Economic Uncertainty

By Irma Adelman, Berkeley School of Agricultural Economics Picasso ceramics By Irma Adelman, Distinguished Fellow, American Economic Association We are living in an era of great uncertainty coupled with major structural change.  The structural change affects not only the US economy but also its demographic structure, its technology, its communication system and its global economic relations. In addition, we are in the […]

Old Master Prints

Old Master Prints, Explained

Why do we feel collecting lifetime impressions are important? Several other art dealers and auction houses will inform the buyer of only the state designation for the print (seemingly comparing the state to a badge of authenticity). The critical information is whether the print was produced during the artist’s lifetime. A later state impression may […]

Originality in prints

A Philosophy on Originality in Prints

Answers to questions about original and/or unique prints are fairly subjective. There are various levels of originality within the field of printmaking, rendering a print’s classification to be complex; an equally complex explanation is necessary in order for our buyers to discern their tastes and objectives when collecting prints. I will focus this discussion on […]

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Shipping Informatoin

Custom Packing and Insured Shipping
Expert custom packaging and insured shipping guarantees the safety of your work and the security of your investment while in transit.
We typically ship using FedEx, as they assume full insurance for door-to-door transit of your artwork. We charge actual shipping and insurance costs, plus the cost of the packing materials. We never charge a handling fee. Feel free to contact us for shipping quotes. Should you opt to use a shipper other than FedEx, we ask that you please notify us prior to shipping. Please note: shipments to California residents are subject to local sales tax.

Masterworks Fine Art Gallery schedules shipping for our clients. Works can be shipped via FedEx Ground (3-5 business days), 3-Day, 2-Day, Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight shipping. Purchases typically ship within 3 days of payment clearance. We ship daily, Monday – Friday. Special delivery arrangements can be made, if needed.


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