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Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary January 11 – January 15 2018

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary hosted from Thursday January 11th – Monday January 15th. Starting with a VIP Preview night and continuing throughout the weekend, Palm Beach: Modern + Contemporary brings together a wonderful collection of previous exhibitors and new ones to showcase an array of contemporary and modern art. This […]

The LA Art Show: Modern + Contemporary January 10-14

  Join Masterworks Fine Art at The LA Art Show: Modern + Contemporary 2018 hosted from Wednesday January 10th – Sunday January 14th. Kicking off with an Opening Night Premiere Party on Wednesday, The LA Art Show will exhibit exceptional painting, works on paper, sculpture, performance, etc. Known for providing dynamic experiences for its audience, over […]

SOFA Chicago 2017

SOFA Chicago 2017 Nov 2nd – Nov 5th

  Join Masterworks Fine Art at SOFA Chicago 2017: The Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair hosted from Thursday November 2nd – Sunday November 5th. Starting with a VIP Preview night  Thursday and continuing through the weekend, SOFA Chicago focuses on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design. […]

Art New York

Art New York May 3rd – 7th

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Art New York from May 3rd – 7th. Kicking off the fair with an opening night VIP preview party, Art New York continues throughout the weekend with a large number of international galleries exhibiting their many works, special exhibitions, and events. This year’s show will take place at Pier 94, […]

Art Market San Francisco

Art Market San Francisco

Join Masterworks Fine Art at Art Market San Francisco hosted from Thursday April 27th – Sunday April 30th. Starting with a VIP Preview night and continuing throughout the weekend, Art Market San Francisco brings together a wonderful collection of previous exhibitors and new ones to showcase an array of contemporary and modern art. This year’s […]

picasso linocuts

Pablo Picasso Linocuts Still High in Value

Pablo Picasso linocuts have consistently been some of his highest grossing works of art at auction. Three works in particular remain in the top for auctions in the past 10 years. Picasso began an intense period of linoleum cuts from 1958-1963. Part of this change in medium from lithography and etching was circumstantial. It was […]

new york art on paper exhibiting Masterworks Fine Art Gallery works for Sale

NYC Art on Paper Premier Art Fair March 2nd – 5th

Join our gallery at the Premier Art show in NYC this week; Art on Paper NYC from March 2nd – 5th. Starting with an opening preview on the 2nd and continuing throughout the weekend, Art on Paper brings together an international collection of galleries showcasing works that are unified by their paper medium. This year’s show […]

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 16-20, 2017 Masterworks Fine Art Gallery exhibiting works by Picasso to Warhol for Sale

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair – February 16-20, 2017

Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair is finally here! Joins us  from Thursday February 16th – Monday February 21st, 2017. Beginning with an opening night VIP Preview, the show continues over President’s Day Weekend for a weekend full of wonderful galleries, performance art, and lectures. This year’s show will take place in the Art Wynwood […]

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show February 15th - 21st 2017 Masterworks Fine Art Gallery exhibiting a collection of Picasso ceramics Joan Miro Matisse and Chagall for Sale

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show February 15 – 21 2017

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show has arrived! Join us from Thursday February 16th – Tuesday February 21st. From an opening night preview party to a weekend full of lectures on the most pressing topics in the art world such as “The Next Generation of Collecting” and “Collecting & Care of Fine Art,” […]

LA Art Show

LA Art Show 2017

Join us at the LA Art Show from Wednesday January 11th to Sunday January 15th. With fine art lectures, artist performances, an opening night premiere party, and various art exhibits including Masterwork’s, the show offers a full weekend of activities and exploration. The LA Art show is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center across […]

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Markings and Stamps

Picasso Ceramics Markings and Stamps

A Simple Guide to Picasso Ceramic Markings and Stamps   In 1946, Picasso first set foot into the Madoura Pottery studio, and later began a prolific partnership between himself and Georges and Suzanne Ramie, owners of the studio. He approached this ceramic medium with the same inventiveness and imagination he brought to his previous paintings and […]

picasso on a silver platter is a blog post about picasso's silver plates on auction

Picasso on a Silver Platter

June 23rd, 2016: Sotheby’s Boundless: Contemporary Art Auction in Hong Kong On June 23, 2016, Sotheby’s will mark the first time a complete set of Picasso silver plates have ever appeared at an auction. The auction will take place in Hong Kong, at the bi-annual Boundless: Contemporary Art Auction. The 24 plates will be offered […]

sam francis

Sam Francis: A Rising Market

Sam Francis: A Rising Market Updates: Continuing to exceed expectation, Sam Francis Composition, 1954 sold for $2,172,500, outside of the 1 million to 1.5 million estimate, at Sotheby’s New York on November 18th, 2016. Sam Francis Summer No. 1, 1957 sold at Sotheby’s for 11,842,000, on the upper side of the expected range. Sam Francis (San Mateo, 1923- Santa Monica, […]

Buying from Masterworks

Masterworks Fine Art Gallery featured on the Huffington Post News

We here at Masterworks Fine Art would like to share great news with you. Our gallery was featured in an article written by Huffington Post contributor Bruce Helander. A 2014 inductee to the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, Mr. Helander was a Former Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Art Economist’ as well as a White House Fellow […]

Picasso’s Lithographs

Beyond the Canvas: Pablo Picasso’s Lithographs

Lithographs are a special medium all their own in the art world. Referenced as many different names depending on the specialist, there is no denying the pull they had on major 20th century artists such as Chagall, Matisse, Monet, Miró and Picasso. Seen as a new form of experimentation and expression, the lithograph played an […]

art market

Art Market Happenings

Right now, the art market is in a continual global boom. Competition is fierce among sellers and buyers for quality works which means auction houses, galleries and dealers are all offering great investments for great prices which means you as the collector are benefiting. This can be seen in recent releases of art market indexes […]

Le Reve

The Value of Pablo Picasso’s “Le Reve”

Le Reve, 1932 by Pablo Picasso has had quite the adventure since its creation. Created in 1932 by Picasso, this work was originally part of the collection of Victor and Sally Ganz who purchased the work in 1941 for $7,000. Put up for auction by the family in 1997, this work sold for $48 million […]

picasso ceramics

Pablo Picasso Ceramics: Rising Stars of the Art Market

Picasso Ceramics. Two words that are causing buyers and sellers in this ever evolving art market to be incredibly pleased. Rising in demand the past few years, the Picasso ceramic market is one of the strongest out there. For evidence simply look at Christie’s two-day auction of Picasso Ceramics: The Madoura Collection that occurred in […]

Old masters

Old Masters Continue to Master the Market

Old Master week this past January in New York saw record setting sells from multiple auction houses.  Fra Bartolommeo’s tondo of the Madonna and Child sold for $13 million, Thomas Gainsborough’s pastel Portrait of Caroline, 4th Duchess of Marlborough sold for $2.4 million, an artist record was set for Claude Lorrain when A wooded landscape […]

love in art

Valentine’s Day: the Pleasure of Viewing Love in Art

With Valentine’s Day this week, the concept of love in art work is more prevalent than any other time of year. Ken Johnson, art critic for New York Times, provided an editorial musing about the themes of love he found in art around New York City including Metropolitan Museum of Art , and the Whitney Museum. From “Sleeping Eros” sculpture […]

luxury item

Art as Luxury Items: The Demise of ‘L’art pour l’art?’

In this day and age, art is more of a luxury item than ever.  In a recent article in The Art Newspaper entitled ‘Can their love last forever?’ writer Charlotte Burns comments on the inextricable link between the art world and luxury brands.  Throughout the ages, art has accompanied the wealthy and the powerful.  From […]

Celebrating Magritte on his 116th Birthday

All hail the comeback kid: surrealism

MoMA is doing things first, as usual. This month, the Museum of Modern Art, New York opens the first major museum exhibition to explore the early years of René Magritte’s unique brand of Surrealism. Salvador Dalí has also been granted his own one-man show at the Pompidou Center, Paris, opening in November. The institutional bustle […]

old master

Old Master Madness

Master Paintings Week is entering its twelfth season in London from June 29 to July 6 and the demand for Old Masters couldn’t be higher. Sure the Old Master market isn’t as flashy as the Modern Art market, but it produces a high percentage in the global art market, one whose value has doubled in […]

“Trophy Hunters”

Spring Auctions Powered by “Trophy Hunters”

The auction season thus far has been truly exceptional. Record breaking sales and artist records are being made all over the place at Christie’s and Sotheby’s due to the rarity of the works being offered and those buyers who covet them. “Super-trophies” are what these rare works with strong provenance are known as, and the […]

Hong Kong-Boat

The Rise of Hong Kong in the International Art Scene

Hong Kong is a bustling city of skyscrapers and commercial excess. It has long been known as a center of trade and finance, not as a Chinese cultural destination like Beijing or Singapore. However, as many articles explain these days, that image is quickly changing as an influx of international art ventures is helping Chinese […]

Artistic Appropriation

Legality in Artistic Appropriation: Copy Right or Copy Wrong?

In today’s technology saturated world, the question of artistic ownership is arising time and time again. With the Internet, social media, television, video games and countless other digital mediums readily accessible with the touch of a button, the resources available to artists in this day and age are seemingly never-ending. Now, more than ever, the […]

Resilience of the Art Market

The Resilience of the Art Market

Artprice recorded that last year, 2011, was the best ever for the sales of art at auction. With 10.7 billion dollars in earnings for 2011, artists such as Picasso, Degas, Zhang, and Warhol helped make 2011 a stand our year for art. When compared to 2010’s total of 9.5 billion dollars, it is easy to […]


The Value of Henry Moore

  Henry Moore is one of the most iconographic artists of the 20th century. His works in sculpture, bronze, Rosenthal Porcelain, and on paper are well known for the fluidity of line work that is abstract and detailed. His works effortlessly draw out the viewer’s feelings of compassion, interest, and wonder and thus it is […]


The Andy Warhol Foundation: What Will Happen to Warhol?

The Andy Warhol Foundation has developed a rather convoluted reputation in their quest to catalog and certify the vast collection of over 100,000 (across all media) works that Warhol created. The Foundation Board has made several controversial decisions regarding the authentication of specific prints and screen prints that have landed them with millions of dollars’ […]


Art Market Update

Sotheby’s and Christie’s Impressionist and Modern sales this past week provided for an interesting revitalization of the Impressionist and Modern art market. Christie’s tallied $149,773,500, while Sotheby’s tallied $199,804,500 in sales which are remarkable when compared to previous Impressionist and Modern sales. Both sales offered a variety of different works, but as an Artinfo article […]


Watermarks and Rembrandts

When Masterworks Fine Art acquires an artwork, we undertake a program of research and identification. Old Masters prints, such as those by Rembrandt, require special attention because documentation can be limited, works often exist in multiple states, and posthumous prints made from plates still in existence are on the market. When researching a Rembrandt impression, […]

Rembrandt’s prints

Rembrandt’s Prints: What a State

More than 15 studies of Rembrandt’s prints have been done since Parisian art dealer Edmé-François Gersaint compiled the first portfolio of the artist’s work in 1751, a number that underscores the challenge that his oeuvre continues to pose (White & Boon, v). These books provide essential information about each print; cross-referenced catalogue raisonné numbers identify each […]


Investing in Art in a Smoke-and-Mirrors Financial Market

The stock market is in marked decline and bonds are showing pitifully low returns. Interest rates are at a minimum, as low as .5% in some countries. Given that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco kicked off this recession in the first place, real estate has not been looking too attractive as a haven for liquid assets. […]

London Calling

London Calling

Impressionist and Modern sales were held this week in London with strong results. Sotheby’s ended with $157,543,910 in sales and Christie’s ended at $227,111,142. The stars of both nights were artists we currently sell. Pablo Picasso’s “Couple le Baiser” went for $10,621,070 which is 18 times higher than its previously recorded auction in 1993. Meanwhile, […]

Art Basel: Indications to Come?

Art Basel: Indications to Come?

Art Basel is often described as the world’s top fair for modern and contemporary works and it opens June 15, 2011 with over 300 galleries displaying works for a combined total worth around $1.75 billion, according to specialist insurer Hiscox. Art Basel features galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. More than […]

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Treating Art as Stock

There is an interesting topic taking hold in the art world that has people talking and it centers around the global trend of creating Art Investment Funds. These art funds allow for individuals to make long-term investments in a portfolio of valuable artworks. What this means is that an art investment company either a) buys […]

Art Market

Art Market Riding High

Now, is the perfect time to invest in art. The international market is booming with great returns, and here at Masterworks we want you to get the best from your investment. That is why we are laying out the best buying markets right now so you know the worth of your investment. Impressionist and Modern […]


Sonia Delaunay: On the Rise

Sonia Delaunay was born in Ukraine in 1885 and was adopted by her affluent Jewish lawyer uncle Henri Terk in 1890. She had a privileged upbringing and traveled Europe widely to various museums and galleries. At the age of 18 she was sent to an art school in Germany and in 1905 decided to move […]

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol

Warhol, Warhol, Warhol: Still Selling Consistently High on the Art Market The talk of the art market these past weeks have all surrounded Andy Warhol, proving once again that you can never go wrong when investing in Warhol. Warhol’s works are still consistently selling at high prices, with over of 52 Warhol’s having gone and/or […]

original print

What is “original”?

A print is termed, “original” if the artist of the design has worked on the printing element himself, as opposed to reproductive and interpretative prints which involve the use of an intermediary person to reproduce the design onto the printing element. Original prints are often only produced in small numbers; they may be numbered and […]

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Current State of the Art Market 2011

Current State of the Art Market 2011 As the modern and contemporary art market continues into spring, confidence among buyers and sellers is increasing. Auctions in recent months have seen spectacular sales in modern and contemporary art. As an example, a recently rediscovered 6-by-6 foot Andy Warhol self-portrait doubled its pre-sale estimate to fetch $17.4 […]

LA Art Show 2015

The monetary market wavers, the art market soars

We have seen some of the most impressive hammer prices in the art market in recent weeks. Here are a few key sales. The BBC explains recent Christie’s London sales: A “blue period” Picasso has fetched £34.7m at auction in London. Christie’s says the event will be the biggest art auction ever held in London. […]

Fine art market

Fine Art Market Breaking Records Going Into 2010, by Alex Adelman

The fine art market has shown that it is strong enough to withstand the downturns of the current stock market, and this strength is showing very clearly in recent auction results. There has been more action in art sales in the last half of 2009 than I have seen in the past 4 or 5 […]


Certificates of Authenticity, Alex Adelman, & Masterworks Fine Art

In an effort to keep fine art collectors more informed of the ebbs and flows of the art market, and in particular, Masterworks Fine Art, Inc.’s role as one of the most qualified fine art dealers online, we wanted to pass along an extensive and highly informative article on the topic of prints, originality, Certificates […]

Los Angeles Art Show 2014

Some brief thoughts about art and the current market

Some brief thoughts about art and the current market… Most Impressionist and Modern Art sales in early February 2009 proved that art prices and its market remain strong. And, in a time of crisis, records can still be broken. Great works, strong images, and iconic works attested to be the most desirable and attained the […]

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art vs. Auction Houses

Buying from Masterworks Fine Art vs. Auction Houses This section is meant to contrast auction house statements of authenticity and condition and compare them to Masterworks Fine Art’s terms and conditions of same. The statements extracted from the website or catalogues of the auction houses listed below are direct quotes. These have been extracted from […]

Buying from Masterworks

Buying from Masterworks vs. Other Galleries

Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. The answer is fairly simple economics: with Masterworks Fine Art, Inc., you’re dealing with a private dealer that doesn’t have the typical overheads of a retail gallery. Retail gallery operations average about $500k/month in overhead costs – these costs must be factored into the price of the art that the gallery […]

buying fine art

Tips for Buying Fine Art

With a rapidly changing economy it has become increasingly evident that many people are turning to different kinds of tangible assets as a hedge against both inflation and recession. In my 35 years of experience collecting, buying, and selling original works of fine art, I have found the art market to be far more stable […]

Art Market

Buying Art in Times of Economic Uncertainty

By Irma Adelman, Berkeley School of Agricultural Economics Picasso ceramics By Irma Adelman, Distinguished Fellow, American Economic Association We are living in an era of great uncertainty coupled with major structural change.  The structural change affects not only the US economy but also its demographic structure, its technology, its communication system and its global economic relations. In addition, we are in the […]

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